Ice Sculptures in St. Petersburg

See here for pictures of ice sculptures in St. Petersburg, including a copy of the one built in the city in 1740 for Empress Anna Ioannovna.


9 thoughts on “Ice Sculptures in St. Petersburg

  1. A great serie of pictures! 🙂

    And speaking of pictures, congratulation for the nice one I see in the upper-right corner here 😀

  2. I’ve seen this face…on Russian caricatures of the 20’s, depicting capitalist counter-revolutionaries. That, and the bigg beer-bellies; the usual accessory being a nicely rounded pouch with $$$ signs, to resemble said belly.

    I wish you the accessory, of course.

  3. Ive seen this faceon Russian caricatures of the 20s, depicting capitalist counter-revolutionaries.

    You are thus far the 3rd or 4th Russian who has told me I look like the Soviet caricature of a capitalist. 🙂

  4. Alas, alas, I forgot I’m no longer your primary source for all things Russian…

    Hey, have you lost you hi-hat ?

  5. Alas, alas, I forgot Im no longer your primary source for all things Russian

    Sadly, that’s true. But I’ll not forget my humble beginnings, and will always be grateful for the help you gave me. And I still owe you a beer.

    What’s the hi-hat?

  6. No top hat, I’m afraid. But for what it’s worth, the picture was taken at last year’s Dubai World Cup, the world’s richest horse race, and there were plenty of top hats on display. It doesn’t get more capitalist than that!

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