Clash of Clans

Here’s a story which was doing the rounds last week:

It was an unusually heavy response to a fight in a school canteen: a police helicopter, police dog and 15 police vehicles all rushed to Fir Vale Academy in Page Hall, Sheffield, one Tuesday in late September.

The drama, inevitably, was caught on camera. The screaming in the dinner hall, children climbing on tables to escape. Outside, a teenage girl in handcuffs, face-down on a police car; the man in a tracksuit being mauled by a police dog. A pupil had texted false talk of a knife fight, and parents had been trying to scale the fence to reach the school.

So what was it all about?

[T]he fight had begun when a Roma girl pulled off the headscarf of a Muslim classmate.

An incident which didn’t come out of a clear blue sky:

Angry Fir Vale parents – most Pakistanis, no Roma – shouted at a panel of wincing white council workers about “them”. Their new Roma neighbours. “David Blunkett was right!” yelled one man. “This is a ticking time bomb. If it goes off, you’re going to need the army.”

They refused to see the hijab incident as an isolated scrap between teenage girls. “This is not just a school issue… This is ready to blow up. Bang,” warned one man. “We’ve lived here 35, 40 years and you expect us to sit silently,” said another, claiming that he had 60 cousins ready to provide back-up for what he said could be “a riot like you’ve never seen before in your life”.

I was late to this story, but a lively discussion took place in the comments at Tim Worstall’s, which is worth reading. There are a few things going on here. Firstly, I very much doubt the people are Roma in the commonly understood sense; more likely they’ll be people who until last week were called “travellers”, fifteen years ago “gypsies”, and by nearly everyone in private, even now, “pikeys”. I grew up around communities of gypsies and they were indistinguishable in ethnicity from the locals. But at some point during the Blair years someone realised that classifying them as a different race made a whole new victim group on which public sector careers could be made; you have to do something with all these new social studies graduates, after all. So now a run-of-the-mill British gypsy alongside whose brethren I used to pick spuds and stack straw now belongs to a protected class.

Only on the other side of the battle lines we have another protected class, whose status was so assured that men in the very same locality were permitted to systematically gang-rape underage girls while the police looked on and did nothing. (Incidentally, if I were to guess, I’d say the number of gypsy girls these men abused was precisely nil). So having designated as protected classes two maladjusted, poorly integrated groups thus putting them beyond the bounds of even mild criticism on pain of imprisonment, what happens when they start fighting each other? Well, I don’t know because until now no government in history has been stupid enough to run such an experiment, but we can take a guess.

Firstly, the Pakistanis are more numerous: that chap wasn’t joking when he said he had 60 cousins, and even if some of them are in a village outside Lahore, they can become British citizens and over there in a jiffy. The gypsies maintain large families, but they don’t have an entire nation on which to draw reserves. Secondly, Pakistanis are darker skinned. Gypsies aren’t exactly blonde haired and blue eyed, but even the obese creature with green hair in charge of social inclusion at the local council is going to be hard pressed to deny categorising them as a separate ethnic group was a little fanciful. Particularly so if they’re lined up opposite a bunch of fellows who’d look pretty handy with ball in hand on 22 yards of short-cut grass. Thirdly, Pakistanis are Muslim, and have lobbying power which would make an oil executive kick a barrel out of pure jealousy. By contrast, the gypsies are members of a lesser religion – or perhaps none at all, it doesn’t matter. When designated victim groups have clashed before, it is always those of the one true faith who prevail, and it will be the same this time around.

So the authorities will hold frantic meetings in the Nelson Mandela – Salvadore Allende conference rooms in the local town halls, during which they’ll wrack their brains to come up with a way to blame this on Tommy Robinson. But in the end they’ll be forced to conclude that the gypsies are white after all, and racist to boot. Until they turn up on the common of a middle class village, anyway.


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  1. The local council diversity and inclusion coordinator has taken an unspecified paid leave of absence citing stress….

  2. They are real “Roma” from Slovakia

    “Nobody knows for sure how many Roma people have come to Sheffield since Slovakia joined the EU in 2004. The council’s best guess is that 1,500 eastern European Roma children now live in the city as a whole, with around 500 in the small Page Hall area. Miroslav Sandor, a Roma community worker in Page Hall, gives a much higher estimate. He thinks there may be 600-900 large families in the city, mostly concentrated in Page Hall. A good proportion of them come from Sandor’s own home village of Bystrany in south-eastern Slovakia, and the nearby hamlets of Žehra and Letanovce. Though the migrants come and go, the flow is predominantly in one direction. Three buses run by Interbus make the 30-hour journey overland from Slovakia to Sheffield each week but just two go back in the other direction.”

    More cultural enrichment

  3. They are real “Roma” from Slovakia

    Interesting: I know there are genuine Roma in Britain, plus a load of random Eastern Europeans that journalists call Roma, but nowadays they get lumped in with home-grown gypsies so it’s hard to tell who they’re on about.

    Anyway, my point stands: unless these Slovakians are Muslim, they’re toast.

  4. What a wonderful mosaic of different cultures we have created!

    I think you are right in saying that the pikeys will be blamed by the authorities, because it’s the easiest thing to do. They have done well in the Oppression Olympics, especially when competing in the English home counties, but Pakistanis have carried away more medals overall. There is of course a sub-class of pikey who could claim distinct ethnicity, and that is the Irish land-grab specialist. These are people who don’t seem to have travelled at all, but who have realised that pitching up in prime land in Southern England, quietly laying on utilities, and then employing a smart lawyer is a good way to make a pile of money.

    As for the bloke with the cousins, in any civilised country he would be told that if they show up they will be met with a police baton charge, and if they persist after that, then the army would like to test some new crowd-control measures.

  5. Tim

    Yes these are genuine Roma. And no, they don’t get lumped in with the Irish Travellers. You can spot the difference a mile away. Spotting the difference between them and the Pakistanis would be harder.

    And when it comes to the “nobody likes us and we don’t care” willingness to dish out organised and communal violence, they could give the Pakistanis a run for their money.

    Thank you St Tony of Blair for all the wondrous vibrancy you have given us.

  6. And no, they don’t get lumped in with the Irish Travellers. You can spot the difference a mile away.

    Well, yes. But I don’t mean they’re physically lumped together, I mean they’re lumped together by the media and their handlers when reporting on them. Similarly, Asians are lumped together such that a reader who’s just arrived from Mars may be led to believe Thais are going on rape sprees in South Yorkshire.

    And when it comes to the “nobody likes us and we don’t care” willingness to dish out organised and communal violence, they could give the Pakistanis a run for their money.

    Until their state protection is removed, which is kinda my point.

    Thank you St Tony of Blair for all the wondrous vibrancy you have given us.


  7. Tim, no, they are actual, categorical, according to the dictionary, Roma Gypsies. Eastern Europe doesn’t want them, so they have slowly gravitated to the place because of the free money and the unwanted housing.

    That part of eastern Sheffield is still terraced housing, and is basically a dustbin for all of the people who can’t live in the leafy suburban nice bits that Nick Clegg’s constituency covers, the gentrified artsy part in the city centre, or the area around the University where all of the enlightened people and the students live.

    David Blunkett’s constituency covered the eastern part and was called “Attercliffe and Brightside.” – As in, if you are unfortunate enough to live there, you had to look upon it, and the city even includes a suburb called “Darnall.” – Say it out loud and it’s accurate.

    They are actually not that bad compared to the Pakistanis, they just leave rubbish everywhere and they don’t work – They keep themselves to themselves, there are are not that many of them, and they serve as a visual lesson about benefits culture. They are not trying to murder you for not believing in their religion, sexually molesting your children, or flinging their limbs about yelling about oppression.

  8. Perhaps it would be possible for Page Hall to organise some sort of day of absence, like that US university, where all the white people agree to acknowledge their privilege and get out of the way for a bit.

    Tell the two warring communities they have 24 hours to find a winner and as long as they’ve tidied up the bodies by daybreak, no-one will ask any questions.

  9. As I mentioned on Tim’s blog, the Roma from the EU 2004 expansion countries are turning up in all sorts of odd places in the UK.

    In London you’ll find them hustling for money on the tube (they’re particularly fond of the new walk-through trains which allow them to hustle an entire train length in one go), and enticing gullible tourists into shell games on Westminster Bridge. They’re thieving in plain view of the Houses of Parliament, from which I conclude that the government is too frightened of touching a “protected class” to intervene.

  10. If the rabies of perpetual offence is involved, whatever these Roma may be like I think we all know where the blame fundamentally lies.

    The Pavlovian response of the police, of course will be to side with the rabies, which can only reinforce (If that is possible) their master race mentality and belief that they are unstoppable.

    “Until their state protection is removed”

    Quite. The narrative is that this country – and the West generally – is doomed to become one vast debased, stone age islamic shitehole in a generation or two. It’s rammed down people’s throats almost hourly. This, or rather the inevitable defence of the rabies that will follow being just more of it.

    People are getting angry, coldly angry. And while the vast majority (certainly including me) don’t have the inclination to fight directly – I’m too damned old for one thing – I for one will turn a blind eye when the small percentages of the nasty and violent do step forward.

    In a generation or two this country may well be an Islamic hell. A hell for them, not one they have made for everybody else.

    If that is where we end up (I don’t think I’ll be around to see it) I have no illusions as to what such a state would be like to live in but for those who’s arrogance and depravity led us to it. Well I wouldn’t like to find myself in one the little Gaza strips they are so thoughtfully making for themselves.

    This is a worst case and I don’t actually think it will come about but there is going to have to be an unpleasant correction and the longer this is delayed, the less pleasant that will be.

  11. You surprise me, Tim. You live in France. Yet you seem to be unaware of France’s Roma infection & the way the blight has spread to virtually every corner of Europe doesn’t have the sense to persecute the fuck out them. You reckon the UK has escaped? Check the London mendicant profession.

    There was a Roma encampments not far from where I lived near Lille. Until Dept Nord had the sense to bulldoze it flat. If I remember correctly they did it just in time to fox some legal preventative moves were working their way through the European Court, or some such bunch of parasites. From what I’ve seen of the French police in action, a crack on the back of the head with a rifle butt is the preferred method of cementing Franco-Roma community relations. With the women, anyway.
    The UK police will no doubt be their usual craven.

  12. The funny thing is that these Roma are probably genetically the same/very similar to some of these Pakistanis. The Roma people are displaced people from north India (they may have even been forcibly displaced and held as slaves by the invading islamic forces), and are linguistically and genetically related to Punjabis. Punjab of course is now split between India and Pakistan. Indian Punjabis are mainly Sikh, Pakistani Punjabis mainly Muslim. Genetically the same yet worlds apart.

  13. You surprise me, Tim. You live in France. Yet you seem to be unaware of France’s Roma infection & the way the blight has spread to virtually every corner of Europe doesn’t have the sense to persecute the fuck out them.

    I’m aware proper Roma are in France, but when I read that “Roma” are up to mischief in the UK I don’t know if some dimwit journalist is lumping them in with homegrown gypsies. My general point was whether they are Roma, “travelers”, or “gypsies” it doesn’t really make any difference: nobody likes them.

  14. I do prefer to differentiate between Roma, Pikey’s & Gyppos. I have quite a lot to do with the Gitanos here and despite (or maybe because) they’re as crooked as a dogs hind leg, I find I get on quite well with them. Been invited to gatherings & such. They’re not the (fill in with adjectives & plural nouns as your mood takes you) Pikeys & Roma are.

  15. Only on the other side of the battle lines we have another protected class, whose status was so assured that men in the very same locality were permitted to systematically gang-rape underage girls while the police looked on and did nothing.

    Ah, yes. RoPs are officially more protected

    “The “Informed Choices” Of Young Girls”

    Nazir Afzal is a former Chief Prosecutor for North West England. He was interviewed very briefly on the Radio 4 PM programme on 19th October. In the interview he made a quite astonishing claim which does not seem to have received the publicity it deserves so we thought it worth publicizing here. He said (@34minutes):

    “You may not know this, but … back in 2008 the Home office sent a circular to all police forces in the country saying “as far as these young girls who are being exploited in towns and cities, we believe they have made an informed choice about their sexual behaviour and therefore it is not for you police officers to get involved in.”

    Although we do not have the full text of the circular, this description seems to strongly suggest that it was a blanket instruction which did not contain any reference to the girls’ ages. If so this is direct evidence of the UK government of that time at the very least condoning statutory rape of children and really giving the green light to the police to ignore far worse crimes. In other words, police inaction in these cases was a deliberate policy and the instruction came directly from the then Labour government.

    The despicable cover-up continues. Thank God Tommy R is making public aware.

  16. …unless these Slovakians are Muslim, they’re toast.

    Eastern Europeans getting into it with Muslims… maybe they can claim to be Kosovan refugees? Bombed by heartless Britain in the 90’s, so it’s our obligation to house them; oppressed by Muslims in their homeland, so it was insensitive and cruel of us to house them to next to Muslims; worst of all, we cared so little about them that we didn’t even write down the correct nationality on the forms when they moved here.

    I wonder if that might work? It doesn’t make sense, of course, but neither does anything else.

  17. At what point after Hitler was elected do you think the Jews realised they were, as a people, to be exterminated? Not right away obviously, things were rough here and there but life goes on. Before or after the war? Maybe it was only when the mass round-ups had been going on for a while and everyone realised that no one ever returned from the camps. Or maybe they refused to believe it until they were pushed into the showers. At what point would we, as good moral western people say that any Jew was morally, if not legally, permitted to murder germans? In hindsight, where would we put that mark? And how might we decide where that mark is today if we came to a suspicion that we were the group that has been selected for long term removal? I don’t think that shouting “we’re not like them” will provide much protection when a mob is dragging your family from the house. Anyway, back to watching the invasion.

  18. Bit late to the party on this one but nevertheless…..

    Roma on Tyneside.

    Officially the story is ….Jews, Jews, Holocaust, Roma, Roma, poor Roma,Communism good freedom bad, look they call us gadgies their Geordies too.

    Read it of you can. It made my eyes bleed.

    Paticularly galling…

    When the deadline came and went, two things emerged. Firstly, the flood of expected immigrants was no more than a trickle.

    A few paragraphs later….

    In Britain it is estimated there are about 200,000 Roma, of who 4,000 have settled in and around Tyneside.

    Its like living in a Dali painting.

    Anecdotally…. the Roma act like a low level criminal franchise. They have take over Big Issue selling throughout Tyneside although clearly not homeless. Pretty sure non live in our town, got ears in the council so I heard most pass through, kids in school a few terms.
    They come through from Newcastle daily on the Metro to sell BI and busk playing accordion.

    Slovak Roma ghetto since demolished… longer needed?

    I had hoped you’d find this article. Not just so I complain about Roma but largely because of the use of this term “white” to refer to English people. The left are playing a very dangerous game with language and the more savvy among their ranks know this. It’s interesting in this case that their other coverall BAME is conspicuous by its absence.

    This is what Orwell was warning about. NEWSPEAK – Language creates reality. The left create these phrases, use them to attack x y or z . In order to defend x y & z you must use their terminology, hey presto you just helped the left create reality.

    This is why Jordan Peterson runs rings round them. He gets it.

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