First Rohingyas, now Uighurs and Kazakhs

A year ago, after watching Sky News do a report on Rohingya muslims in Myanmar, I remarked:

The reporter appeared to be firmly in the pay of a professional lobby group hired to make their case.

Around the same time I also said:

I’ve noticed a concerted effort on the part of the mainstream media over the past few weeks to get everyone interested in the plight of the Rohingyas, a minority Muslim group in Myanmar who are being hounded by the majority ruling Buddists.

I have also noticed that nobody seems to give a shit. It might be tempting to put this down to the fact that westerners don’t generally care about brown people being killed in far-off lands with no oil underneath, but I suspect there is something else at work as well: people in the west are getting a little bit tired of hearing how Muslims are suffering.

I was reminded of the Rohingya advocacy campaign masquerading as news when I read this story, variations of which have been doing the rounds in the media for the past few weeks:

Chinese officials have pushed back against growing criticism of the detention of Muslim minorities in internment camps, claiming authorities are merely providing professional training and education.

Beijing is facing allegations of mass incarceration and repression of Uighurs, Kazakhs and other ethnic minorities in Xinjiang in China’s north-west. An estimated 1.1 million people have been placed in internment camps, including re-education camps where, according to former detainees and other witnesses, inmates are subjected to intense political indoctrination and abuse.

That the Chinese lock up and execute large numbers of their population is nothing new, nor is their suppression of ethnic minorities, especially those who might show loyalty to a deity other than the Communist Party of China. Ask the Tibetans how they’ve fared under Chinese rule, for example. So why the sudden fuss about Uighurs and Kazakhs?

Well, thanks to the system of zakat and Middle Eastern oil and gas revenues, there is a lot of money sloshing around the world earmarked for Islamic causes. A portion of this ends up funding terrorism, but it’s also used for things like Islamic schools, construction of mosques, charity work – and lobbying. There are countless Muslim bodies sitting in every western capital, advocating Islamic causes and interests, and some of these will be well funded. Thanks to most western governments having deep sympathies with Muslim minorities and assigning them the coveted Protected Class status, Islamic lobby groups have easy access to the propaganda organs of the ruling classes, i.e. the media. Provided they don’t go against the interests of the ruling class, e.g. by questioning why they destroyed Iraq, removed Gaddafi, and sell bombs which land on the heads of Yemenis, Muslim advocacy groups are pretty good at getting articles promoting Muslim practices and interests into the mainstream media, particularly the BBC.

So that explains why every now and then we’re suddenly bombarded with “news” reports regarding the suffering of some obscure group of Muslims on the other side of the world. But why Uighurs and Kazakhs? Well, I suspect the lobby groups are aware the British and American public are more than a little tired of hearing about problems in the Middle East or Africa, and just tune out as soon as they’re mentioned. But more likely it’s because this is a case of Muslims being oppressed by non-Muslims, and by a major power at that. Muslims generally don’t care if Muslims are oppressed by other Muslims – where is the concern for Kazakhs rotting in Kazakh jails, or Uzbeks who suffered under Islam Karimov’s rule? – but if non-Muslims are doing the oppressing they don’t like it at all (especially if there are Jews involved).

Now nobody thinks the Israelis are killing Rohingyas, but Britiain has ties to Myanmar and they were a useful lever with which to exert pro-Muslim influence over a weak and hapless May government. Get invited to Downing Street to discuss the terrible plight of the Rohingyas, and while you’re there casually mention the levels of Islamophobia hook-handed jihadists are subject to in the criminal justice system. Similarly, getting a pro-Muslim angle into any geopolitical opposition to China elevates their cause by an order of magnitude; look at the boost they received by turning the Cold War a little warmer in Afghanistan. If they can hitch themselves to a general strategy of containing China (of which criticism of human rights abuses is very much a part), money, power, and prestige beckon which can be used to exert greater influence in the west.

There’s clearly a well-funded and organised strategy being executed here, and I suspect the dullards in the media aren’t even aware they’re being played. Whether the general public are as gullible, and whether they care about Muslims in far-flung corners of the world, is another matter. What is certain is these campaigns will not have the slightest effect on the policies of the Chinese Communist Party, nor Muslims languishing behind barbed wire in the Gobi desert. This is a domestic campaign.


21 thoughts on “First Rohingyas, now Uighurs and Kazakhs

  1. Ben Sixsmith has a really good article on Quillette

    Yeah, I read that article yesterday, it is good.

  2. The muzzies may be awful but they are reproducing. Unlike the West. So in the long run they’ll win.

  3. On Chinese locking up anyone that doesn’t worship the communist deity. China is communist in name only and Christianity is on a dramatic rise there such that China will soon have the largest amount of Christians of any country.

    The rest of the criticism is just straight up anti-Chinese propaganda. They have also prohibited Salafist-Wahhabi Islamic practice which has only recently been trying to infiltrate the Uighur folk. This would be another reason for the pro-Salafist-Wahhabi West to mount their propaganda against the Chinese.

  4. “Muslims generally don’t care if Muslims are oppressed by other Muslims”

    I think the reason that you don’t hear too much from other muslims complaining about the Chinese treatment of recently radicalised Uighuris is that they understand the problem all to well as they are facing it too and that is why they do not criticize China for taking action to quell it.

    China ain’t gonna stand by and watch a small group in a very large region equivalent to half the size of Europe become radicalised. Not forgetting that this area is very much key to the One Road One Belt network, which the US see as the main sword of the Chinese threat, which they have stated as being the biggest threat to the US.

    Expect a lot more of this propaganda to follow.

  5. If the FFC is involved you can be sure it is some kind of sell out to the left, their RoP pals, Marxist feminism and the Global Elite.

  6. My reaction to far-fetched tales of oppression of Muslims is generally ‘fuck them’. And I am sticking with it.

    I take all the tales of atrocities against Rohingyas, with a pinch of salt, especially when they are puffed by alkie has-been apologists like Pisshead Oborne.

    Funny how no-one bats an eyelid at the oppression of Muslim women, gays and apostates by their co-religionists. Funny how none of the cunts who get all wound up by the ‘plight’ of the Rohingyas didn’t even murmur when Muslim peasants raped British children on a scale unprecedented outside of an African war zone.

  7. My reaction to the Rohingyas has always been “what kind of people do you have to be to make Buddhists take violent action to expel you?”

  8. As Patrick says: “The muzzies may be awful but they are reproducing. Unlike the West. So in the long run they’ll win.”

    More to the point, they are cleverly doing it on the West’s money. I have no idea how much child support and married allowances are in Bigdogistan but chances are they are far less than the two or three fertile wives of Ahmed can rake in down in deepest, darkest London. Ahmed, who, by the way may or may not on occasions drive his cousin’s taxi without a licence and might even dodge those nasty tax laws we have.

    We pay, they breed. Better still, we also provide excellent free legal advice for those who actively hate everything but our money.

  9. Recognise their marriages as equivalent to ours and charge them with bigamy. Any who try to multi-marry from then on–jail. For the legacy multis they must divorce and pay alimony to any number more than one. The ex-wives and any children by the ex’s must leave the UK. To avoid family break-up a sum of money could be paid and they all leave for parts more in line with their wishes. Cheaper than civil war.

    Also benefits paid per man not per woman. BluLabour fixed it so you only get benefits for two kids –if you have one wife. This stops the blokes with 26 kids from their missus who are on tens of thousands. But it still means if you have 4 women in tow then you can have benefits for 8 kids–2 per woman. Stop that and replace it with each man gets benefits only for one woman and two kids and enough benefits to house same. Any more then that is the male’s problem not the taxpayer.

    Added to the 100 year migrant/family voting rule retro to 1.1.1997–regardless of origin or ethnicity, and that should do the job of preventing outbreeding and takeover.

  10. “I read stories like this and my reaction is “well, I guess China isn’t *all* bad then”.”

    Its becoming increasingly apparent that China and Russia are fully aware of the danger of Muslim infiltration into their nations, and are determined to stop it dead. The Chinese are not stupid, they know full well that the future is determined by birthrates (having rather stymied themselves with the 1 child policy) and are not going to give the Muslims a foothold.

    Europe on the other hand is a dead man walking. I can’t see Europe existing in 50-100 years time. Its basically committed suicide.

  11. @Jim

    Not forgetting that its the US media that are peddling the propaganda, big time. The good thing here is that China doesn’t need to react to it. The absolute tosch being printed in the US about the Uighuris is probably the worst to date, even worse than Trump bashing and that is saying something. They may that brazen because they think that Westerners cannot read or speak the local language so they can say anything they like against the US’s biggest strategic threat.

    When it comes to China commentary and spotting bullshit then you have to listen to what Carl Zha has to say to ensue that you keep out of the filter bubble.

    The US would like nothing more than radicalised Muslims creating mayhem within China, look at all the terrorist acts on China and you can see what is going on, is it any wonder that they banned the Turkistan Islamic Party and are doing something about nipping religious fanaticism radicalisation and terrorism in the bud. They know through bitter experience where this road ends.

  12. @zut

    I lived in Jakarta and travelled through most of the archipelago pre-radicalisation and the fact that it was the largest Muslim country in the world back then just didn’t register. Beautiful country, beautiful people, attended many Muslim weddings, thoroughly enjoyed it. Even had the pleasure of witnessing Suharto being brought down, which was quite beneficial to my net worth.

  13. I’ve got no fucks left to give for any muslims, honestly, if the Chinese rounded them all up and gave them a bullet each, I’d think it was a good start. They’ve proven themselves unable to live in a modern society or in fact any society without causing a great deal of trouble while giving nothing back. The religion itself is poisonous and it’s eradication can’t come soon enough.

  14. “if the Chinese rounded them all up and gave them a bullet each, I’d think it was a good start”

    Unfortunately you are at odds with the mainstream western view here, if anything the west may ratchet up the pressure on China over this issue.


    After Syria’s partition, will Xinjiang be destabilized?

    Now it appears that a Western united front is emerging to confront China on human rights issues, using various tools of media coverage, economic sanctions, political activism by NGOs and think tanks to internationalize the Uyghur issue in Xinjiang. Similar to Israel’s dilemma over the internationalization of the Palestinian issue, China is bracing itself for a destabilization campaign and possible call for secession and partition of the province from Chinese sovereignty…………..

    And as Yizhack Shichor perceived, “Vocal criticism of China related to its Uyghur persecution comes primarily, in fact almost entirely from outside the Middle East, from Western non-Muslim countries…[which] may have little do to with loving the Uyghurs, and much more to do with opposing China.”

  15. I noted in private eye (1477) – China Watch – they had a piece on how the Chinese are rounding up Uyghur’s and harvesting their organs. Apparently they have being doing it to Falun Gong (Christians) since 2003, yet not a mention until muslims involved.

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