Sorry Plod, you’re on your own

Plod doesn’t really get it, does he:

Firstly, the reason a lone policewoman is struggling to get the cuffs on a drunk male is because someone decided women could do the job just as well as men and physical standards went out the window. This is what happens when the purpose of an organisation is changed to serve as a vehicle for progressives to enact their deranged fantasies as part of an overall aim of undermining society and the institutions on which it depends.

Secondly, people are reluctant to intervene in such situations because – largely thanks to Plod’s idiocy – the personal risks are too high.

Thirdly, as I said the other day, the public are increasingly seeing the police if not quite aligned against them, then certainly not on their side. Only if you pointed this out to Twitter Plod, they’d close ranks, start issuing threats, cite dubious government surveys which say “the emergency services” are as popular as ever, declare you a problem and “biased against the police” and, finally, block you. I’ve learned not to bother. Proposals like this amuse, though:

Is this going to be reciprocal, do you think? So if an ordinary citizen requests help from the police and they do nothing, Plod gets charged with the same offence? Yeah, sure. But what’s ironic is the police have spend decades creating a monopoly of force by disarming the public and prosecuting anyone who defends themselves, or “takes the law into their hands” as they call it. They are insistent the public should stand well back, or submit to getting their houses burgled or their heads kicked in, until the police show up as only Plod is permitted to deal with such things. Only now we find the police are manifestly incapable of doing half the stuff they’ve claimed a monopoly over and need the public’s help. But it’s not there, and Plod’s on his own. Who’s fault is that, then?


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  1. The guy’s an idiot. No such law exists as he describes it. The actual common law offence states “..and who, where there is reasonable necessity to do so, calls upon that person to assist him.”

    They don’t call. Therefore, CPS will not touch it with a bargepole.

  2. I’m 71 years old. I was brought up to trust the police implicitly and advised that they would always help me if I were in need.

    Nowadays I never see them on foot patrol, but see them parked in their cars in laybys near my house occasionally, and just think to myself “what are you barstewards doing there…”

    My advice – don’t go near one willingly. Walk away.

  3. Given the disdainful view of women that often prevails among the criminal demographic, the increasing front-line use of diminutive, physically inadequate female officers seems a bewildering mistake. One that most likely increases the odds of violent scuffles and which degrades the reputation of the police force. The spectacle of a 5’5” woman trying to arrest a burly 6’4” thug – and being dragged around like a doll – as seen several times on Twitter – isn’t exactly heartening to the law-abiding. Though it may embolden burly thugs.

  4. But but but – a 100 lb 5’5″ woman can easily take down big burly men – just use their special kung fu or whatnot and bam – Big Bad Guy is whimpering at her feet. It happens all the time on American cop shows, and in the movies.

    Have British cop shows become as corrupted? It seems every show these days has at least one, if not more, female plainclothes detective that is tall, skinny, and regularly takes down men twice her size – in heels no less.

  5. Twenty years of being told to stay away, don’t be a have-a-go-hero, leave it all to us, on your bike, don’t enter the water, and now we’re supposed to be risking our lives for the sake of some guy who we know will just get a slap on the wrist?

  6. It seems every show these days has at least one, if not more, female plainclothes detective that is tall, skinny, and regularly takes down men twice her size – in heels no less.

    I’m not sure where it started – Buffy, perhaps? I’m getting increasingly concerned about the message this is sending, as I’m seeing an increasing tendency among millennial girls to initiate violence against men. Granted, it’s generally boyfriends or louts at the college bar, or other types who won’t hit back, but eventually they’re going to try this on someone who doesn’t give a shit about muh feminism.

  7. Charlie’s Angels.

    Personally speaking I don’t mind a bit of rough.

    By the way my missus is up in arms about this new Buffy series that is being talked about.

  8. When my father joined the police c1960 he was, like any new recruit who looked to be a bit light, told to join the boxing and rowing clubs.

  9. Daniel
    The earliest example I can think of on UK TV is Honor Blackman’s Cathy Gale in The Avengers but she was at least presented as an exception, well trained in judo.

    There were odd examples in film and TV over later years but usually the women victors were still exceptionally skilled or got lucky with a pair of scissors or smart by dodging a charge on a cliff-edge.

    I think it’s only in about the last 10 or 20 years that a petite, untrained slip of a girl routinely defeats a seven foot square thug in a more or less standard fight scene.

    If I was the father of a young girl I would be taking drastic measures to convince them that they had virtually no chance of winning a straight fight against even a slight, unfit male and their best defence was avoidance.

  10. Charlie’s Angels.

    Just a tad before my time. Did they routinely beat up men twice their size? What little I recollect is that they mostly seduced their way in and then drew guns.

  11. The Fish Faced Cow is trying to push thro’ some crap massively increasing the punishments for daring to raise a hand to Plod.

    In case you might think that a good thing please be aware the PC99 is increasingly frit of real criminals and now enjoys bullying ordinary folk much more.

    The bloke on the “Crimebodge” website has produced this video showing the level of harassment the monkeysuits routinely get up to:

    This is what more powers given to them will be used for–to hassle US –not crims.

  12. The FFC is trying to push thro some crap massively increasing the penalties for any who raise a hand to Plod.

    Since PC99 is increasingly frit of real crims and also increasingly enjoys throwing his weight about with ordinary folk –any new powers they get will be used on us.

    This from the Crimebodge site/utube:

  13. @danile – “Just a tad before my time. Did they routinely beat up men twice their size?”

    Even better they done it as a team, showing us all how girl power could be magnified. Plus they done it in nice trousers suits, one piece dresses, trendy hairdos, quite often they would be dancing in a club with others and all of a sudden they would beat the bad guy up on the dance floor and things like that, whilst the rest of the discovators looked on. The other routine that they commonly used, was that they got tied up by the villain and looked pretty vulnerable to his evil way, only to somehow free and disentangle themselves and over power him.

    I think I had a poster of them up in bedroom.

  14. “Even better they done it as a team . . . ”

    Had that team ever shown up on my doorstep and tried their wiles on me, I would have stopped doing anything illegal, immoral, or fattening that I was doing and thrown myself on their mercy.

    Their tender, tender mercy . . .


  15. Tim–I think these adverts are screwing up your system. The double post is because the first one appeared to have disappeared without trace.

  16. Granted, it’s generally boyfriends or louts at the college bar, or other types who won’t hit back, but eventually they’re going to try this on someone who doesn’t give a shit about muh feminism.

    Surely, if a chap punches an aggressive woman in the same way he’d punch an aggressive fellow, he is demonstrating his belief in muh feminism? It’s only us patriarchal dinosaurs who don’t hit girls.

  17. @Jason Lynch: Ah, more ‘Guardian articles we can answer’.

    ‘How many more young black men will have to die like Rashan Charles?’

    As many as are stupid enough to choke on their (fake) stash when they swallow it to evade arrest.

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  19. As I recall there was an attempt at a prosecution for “Refusing to assist a constable” about 10-15 years ago where the PC was wrestling with a criminal on the ground outside a man’s home, the officer demanded assistance and the man shut the door.

    When it came to trial the man simply stated that he had children in the house and feared for their safety. I’ve searched online but can’t seem to find the report. The man was found not guilty, although whether this was by instruction of the judge or by the jury I don’t recall.

  20. @JuliaM,

    But… but… but… the nice helpful lady in the Guardian would surely not have left out details like “he choked on the package of coffee and paracetamol he was trying to swallow”! or his multiple convictions for peddling drugs! Untruthiness! Fake news! Why, he was a local lad, a family man, a trainee chef, until his promising life was cut short by reckless police brutality!

    There’s definitely a Darwin Award issue there – why swallow a package of non-controlled “folk medicine” or whatever the excuse for the con-job he was carrying was?

    And if you’re going to kick off and struggle, is it entirely the fault of the police if those efforts to avoid restraint, delay their ability to notice your choking to death on your wrap of “legal herbal remedy”?

    As Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle put it, “Think of it as evolution in action”…

  21. When they “ask” for your assistance can you just give them a crime reference number instead?

  22. ISI3s;


    It might be vitally important to get a receipt for any assistance rendered.

  23. PC says “help me!”
    Gullible MOP (Member of Public) does so, and hits villain:
    1. Ineffectively. PC runs off, leaving villain kicking MOP to death.
    2. Effectively. PC arrests MOP for manslaughter.

    (You try getting training on how to render a person unconscious with one blow to the head, without killing them. You will be arrested for even trying to learn this).

    Only sensible options if you are the MOP:
    1. Ignore PC and remove yourself from danger.
    2. Kill them both! 🙂

    NB For the hard of plodding, that last one’s just like our police “service”: a joke. Probably.

  24. Don’t worry about the plodess. Next year she will be in the office with some fancy rank and in a few years, a chief divisional super inspector. Standing in front of a video camera spouting cliches.
    Feel sorry for the poor beefy male plod who can actually do the job but retires as a constable. No wonder he gets pissed off and decided there is no reward for effort.

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