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I’ve written several posts expressing my belief that the British police are not on the side of the public, and they are rapidly losing their support. In particular, this:

I think it’s high time British policemen were shunned from polite society, particularly those in the higher ranks, unless they have unequivocally demonstrated whose side they are on. The default approach to a policeman should be that afforded to a bouncer at a Manchester nightclub, someone to be avoided except when absolutely necessary and even then contact kept to an absolute minimum. The day policeman cannot arrest ordinary citizens on trumped-up terror charges and expect to interact with normal society afterwards is the day they will start to change. But while the middle-classes support this stuff and engage with policemen on supposedly equal terms, rather than demand those responsible are fired on the spot, things will only get worse.

I will not ever call for policemen to be lynched by a mob. I would not ever condone policemen being lynched by a mob. But I suspect there will come a point in future where, if I see a mob lynching policemen, I will walk on by having seen nothing. If the police don’t wise up soon and change course, there is even a chance I’ll stop and watch. I doubt I’ll be alone.

Today I found this story:

A police officer has condemned people who cheered a man escaping police after a confrontation which left two officers requiring hospital treatment.

The incident on Romford Road, Newham, east London, was filmed and shared on social media with laughter and shouts of encouragement clearly audible.

Sorry, but if the police make it abundantly clear, day after day, they are not on the public’s side they can hardly complain when the public treats them with contempt.

But Supt Roy Smith described it as a “sad state of affairs”.

This adequately describes British policing in the modern age, particularly their contemptuous attitude towards ordinary, law-abiding citizens.

Supt Smith tweeted it was “disappointing to see members of the public filming this and laughing at the officers”.

I’d say Supt Smith doesn’t know his public very well, then. Too much time on diversity training and not enough walking the beat, perhaps? Now I’m sure policemen of yore would have found themselves in similar situations, i.e. low-lifes cheering on a criminal. The difference is they’d have expected it, and not gone bleating to the public about how “disappointed” they are. Here’s the tweet in full:

So how did this affairs come about, eh? What changed? And as for the police are the public, spare me. Remember this:

A van driver was arrested by a group of police officers after challenging them because they were parked on a double yellow line. Andy Mayfield, 53, was held in custody for 12 hours and strip searched under anti-terror laws after he started filming the cops, who were parked illegally outside their own police station in Ashton-on-Ribble, Lancashire in January. He was detained under the Terrorism Act and submitted to a rigorous questioning at the Newton Heath terrorism centre in Manchester before eventually being released.

This is more like the behaviour of an occupying army than a police force, and now they’re complaining the public is jeering them when they’re in difficulty. Like their political masters, the British police seem to suffer from a severe lack of self-awareness. I expect we’ll be seeing more incidents like this.


15 thoughts on “Public Feedback

  1. I understand your point but It is too ingrained in me to not want to help and I would not have stood by, I will not join those who some of which have an agenda rather than just general disgust at police behaviour.

  2. @thud.
    You can not have agenda because of self inflicted wound. The agenda is very simple, English nationalism and building up English ethnostate like Hungary or Poland.
    But , but, but….muh, holocaust……ethnostate will end up with gas chambers. Did we won Nazi Germany only to build up Nazi England ?

    Eastern Europe call this a Nazi Trap. In Eastern Europe you can say that this piece of land belong to our ethnic group and everybody else out. When somebody afraid gassing, then run first and run fast. This is the one and simple reason why we do not have mass immigration. Nazi argument does not work here.

  3. I understand your point but It is too ingrained in me to not want to help and I would not have stood by

    Indeed, and there are thankfully many still like you. But the direction of travel is obvious, and ought to worry anyone living in Britain who relies on the police.

  4. I had a similar thought the other day, listening to the ’emoting’ of the Chief Constable of Wiltshire about how he feels so upset when he hears one of his constables has been assaulted, and how those responsible for such attacks must feel the full force of the law. It doesn’t seem to have occurred to him that a) being a police officer means you are far more likely to be assaulted so you should be prepared for it when signing up, and b) there are innocent members of the public who are assaulted by criminals every day and his police force don’t seem quite so keen on bringing the full force of the law to bear on them.

    All I took from his statement was that the police will look after themselves, and the general public can go hang.

  5. It’s interesting that in the tweet, the officer makes a direct quote from Peel’s principles. It shows that, at the very least, he’s heard one of them.

    Maybe he would like to go and read the others, and then – even better – start acting on them.

  6. I lived in Turkey for a few years, and although there is corruption and the police can be brutal, overall my personal interactions with coppers there were more positive than with British police, who have usually been of no help to me. Perhaps this is because many Turkish officers put a lot of store in actually doing what they are supposed to (getting bad ‘uns off the street) and have a lot of informal discretion in how they handle things (I don’t believe they would arrest anyone for physically defending themselves or their family, for instance, and anti-social yobs generally wouldn’t last long there). And if you treat them with respect (and appear deserving of it) they tend to go the extra mile for you.

  7. Have you watched the video? The useless female cop, waving her ASP around half-heartedly? The male cops, looking half-scared to get stuck in?

    They are a joke. An expensive joke. Why should the public assist them?

  8. I get your general point Tim, but in this case (the uselessness of the arresting police, particularly the WPC, notwithstanding) it was very much a case of the public watching and laughing because the public on the scene was a bunch of our delightful urban peasantry (orcs, as Holborn says) laughing at the state’s attempt to restrain one of their own.

    We don’t actually need a return to Dixon of Dock Green community policing, we need officers on the streets who are well-trained big lads with a taste for putting the boot in. I don’t want this, but it is the only way to deal with the orcs.

    Sadly, we have a happy clappy first world police service, but an increasingly 3rd world population. The former cannot control the latter.

  9. I get your general point Tim, but in this case (the uselessness of the arresting police, particularly the WPC, notwithstanding) it was very much a case of the public watching and laughing because the public on the scene was a bunch of our delightful urban peasantry (orcs, as Holborn says) laughing at the state’s attempt to restrain one of their own.

    Oh I’m sure, but why is a policeman bleating on Twitter about being disappointed? He doesn’t know one section of public from the other, expecting respect from the Orcs while his colleagues treat ordinary people like shit.

  10. All of this “boo-hoo poor Mr Plod ” cockrot is being plugged because the Fish Faced Cow is busy pushing through a law that massively increases punishments for any who dare to raise a hand to a bluebottle.
    Regardless of course of what the BluScum are trying to do to you and on how trivial are the grounds they are trying to do it.

    Make no mistake–if they get away with betraying Brexit it is CM tyranny either way–Treason May or the People’s Anti-Semite–it makes little difference.

  11. Oh I’m so disappointed you won’t {insert something that is their job} after I’ve been singing your praises for so long for helping my [non-existant] auntie when she had that fall and then found she’d been burgled when she came out of hospital. I even wrote to my MP and the Home Office committee to tel them you {weren’t the bunch of idle prodnosed cunts] were so wonderful…

    Lay it on with a trowel, or even a wheelbarrow if needs be, and you stand a slightly enhanced chance of getting them to do their f’ing job.

  12. C’mon Tim. The police work for the state; they haven’t been on the side of the public for a very long time.

  13. @JuliaM on August 18, 2018 at 12:27 pm

    Link for video please

    I wouldn’t pee on a burning cop as if it saved him he’d arrest me for indecency.

  14. Rather embarrassing that three coppers can’t restrain one man. Not particularly surprising though. The physical entry standards have been dropping for years. Obesity is no longer a restriction to join, and physical training is not part of basic training.

  15. Should imagine the last time anyone was interested in aiding the police in Romford Road, Newham was sometime in the 1950’s. And that would have been the Manor Park end. These days, most of it looks like a suburban street in Karachi.

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