Talk of treason is bad, except when it isn’t

I’ve written before (1 & 2) about dim Irishman Daragh McDowell. Here he is on Twitter last week:

It proved a popular tweet, and it’s easy to see why. Most people know nothing about Russian politics so are happy to swallow whole what self-described Russian experts tell them. What McDowell is supposed to be confirming I don’t know, but if he’s come away from Russia thinking the free press discussing readers’ opinions of Prime Ministers is a feature of politics there, he’s dumber than I thought. Of course, what he’s trying to do is claim the Telegraph’s headline will lead to Britain being ruled like Russia, which is nonsense.

But what’s more amusing is McDowell’s concerns around calling things treason is rather, erm, selective shall we say:


Gone are the dark warnings of public discourse being so damaged by charges of treason we’ll be Russia before bedtime. I wonder why?


3 thoughts on “Talk of treason is bad, except when it isn’t

  1. Nazi, fascist, traitor, racist, it’s always onwards and upwards with the lefties.Not sure will they go next.

  2. The Fish Faced Cow IS trying to make this country into Russia.

    A state that doesn’t give a rat’s arse what the voters want , an Internet more controlled than China, 6 years for saying anything nasty about the RoP ( which scummy “consultation” finishes next month. I put the PDF on here so please send it back to say what the dirty bastards of the HO “Sentencing Council” can do with their fucking tyranny).

    Piss on the nonsense of the Irish idiot. May is a traitor.

    Lord Haw Haw was hanged for doing less than she has.

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