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  1. One musn’t forget obsequious crawling, denunciation and backbiting.

  2. Did you see those cunts what crashed their bikes? Lol

    Off-topic: Tim, you know about rugby. For some reason I’m under the impression that rugby doesn’t see nearly so much cheating as soccer, and I’m thinking that maybe this is because there is less southern European and South American influence in the game. Am I way off?

  3. Rugby sees heaps of cheating. Much of it very cynical.

    What it doesn’t see much of is cry-baby acting when hurt a bit because being hurt a lot is part of the game. Players have zero tolerance for sooks, even at school level.

    There is also far less diving, because it’s hard to do. But players do seek to influence referees that they were blocked or impeded when they weren’t. Also the effect of a single penalty just isn’t that great.

    One of my teams, The Chiefs, had a deliberate policy of cheating in an organised and annoying way a few years back. They used it to great effect to beat the mighty Crusaders on their way to two titles by pissing them off so much it put them off their game. That was considered to be an excellent strategy.

  4. Oh, and France will laugh off the incident with the air show rather faster than England will laugh off seeing them hold another World Cup.

    I lived in France for years. They are bureaucratic indeed, but they do it well. Banks, insurance, internet, power etc was better than England. Their rural delivery people were awesome. Rather their medical system than the NHS.

    Some of the personal customer service was laughably poor, true. But not inefficient.

  5. Have some sympathy for the poor driver.
    “Pinko Jacques” it will be for the rest of his career.

  6. A friend of a guy at work is an ex red arrows pilot and he came in to give us a bit of a behind the scenes talk about it at one of our monthly meetings. He said one of the greatest things he worried about was not crashing, but pressing the wrong button to release the wrong colour smoke – very easy to do apparently.

    @Matthew – less cheating in rugby??? I’m a ref at my local club, the buggers are at it all the time! The difference is the type of cheating (playing the ball with your hand in the ruck, collapsing the scrum, drifting in front of the back foot of the ruck etc etc) is all part of the game, which is why there is an effective punishment in the penalty kick (say goodbye to 3 points).

  7. At work we do quite a lot of work supplying the French with some rather specialised pressure vessels… we find their approach to technical issues “interesting” at best!

    This photo has been doing the round of our office today to my hilarity… (the only way it could have been funnier is if they’d inserted an extra white or two!).

  8. At work we do quite a lot of work supplying the French with some rather specialised pressure vessels… we find their approach to technical issues “interesting” at best!

    Let me guess. They have deviated from industry and international standards, preferring to use their own in-house specifications the basis of which is unclear. If you were to carry out an investigation, you’d find the origin of these in-house specs. is the preference of a single engineer who retired ten years ago.

    You hold meetings with your client which seem to go nowhere, in part because, in addition to the in-house expert on pressure vessels, there are also 5-10 people in attendance who know nothing about pressure vessels whatsoever. However, these additional people seem to weigh in on technical issues and, to your astonishment, your client expects their views to be taken seriously. The person making the ultimate decision is not the pressure vessel expert but a rather dim but astoundingly arrogant middle manager who spends half his time trying to catch you out, thereby making himself look clever.

    Am I close?

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