An Illustration of a Changed Society

This thread was worth a read but it’s now protected, perhaps because of the reactions the author was getting to it. Basically, the lady in question was on the train in the UK and some creepy older guy sat down right beside two girls in their late teens and started harassing them. The lady intervened and the man spent the next few minutes yelling at her and became very aggressive, but ultimately left them alone. The girls thanked the lady, who lamented that nobody else in the carriage intervened. Now good on her for stepping in and rescuing the girls from this sex-pest, but there are good reasons why nobody helped her.

British feminists – of which the author is one, according to her Twitter bio – have spent decades eradicating traditional gender roles, and have been so successful that the role men now play in society is a mere shadow of what it once was. Indeed, many aspects of what was normal male behaviour is now illegal thanks to feminist lobbying. Now this may be a good thing for women in some ways but, like everything involving societal trade-offs, it came at a price. Men, having been told women don’t need their protection, having been accused of being rapists and sex-pests simply for being male, and having been told endlessly their natural behaviour is “problematic” to the extent young boys are given powerful drugs to control it, are now behaving very differently to how they used to. They are no longer chivalrous, they are no longer willing to assist strange women in distress, and are extremely risk averse. Feminists have worked extremely hard to emasculate men, and now they’re paying the price of living in a society where their efforts have been successful. Unbelievably, many seem to think their work is only just beginning and men are still a problem, but here we are.

In addition, men are now well aware that common-sense policing has long since disappeared and any interaction with Plod could well leave them in a world of trouble. If a man had intervened and a fight ensued, he would probably have been arrested. If he has a wife, a family, a job, or a mortgage the process in front of him might be very costly indeed. Why risk it? And how does he know what the circumstances are? For all he knows this might be a domestic dispute, and any intervention involving kids might see the idiotic police and feminist-driven CPS conspiring to put him on a sex-offenders register. Wasn’t there a story some years ago about a man being charged as a sex-offender after grabbing the arm of a young girl who was about to run into a busy road? Again, why risk it?

A few generations ago plenty of men would have done something in the situation described by the tweet’s author but society has changed, and this didn’t happen at the behest of the sort of men who would have come to the girls’ aid. Rather, the shift in societal behaviour was demanded by those who now lament the current state of affairs.  From what I can tell the main beneficiaries of feminists’ efforts to remove traditional male roles from society, and the collapse of common-sense policing, are sex-pests who are free to operate without fear of either. Well done, folks. Well done indeed.


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  1. Removing ‘toxic masculinity’ from most of society also leaves the door open for those sections of society that haven’t removed toxic masculinity, and I’m not not talking about sex-pests.

  2. Many years ago someone said that the oestrogen from women’s contraceptive pills, once tiddled down the toilet, was getting into the water supply (there is only so much water in the world, natch) and men drinking it were gradually finding their balls becoming more, er, useless.

    I have no idea if this is true, but men are not what they were. On top of which Plod will indeed always go after the low-hanging, non-troublesome fruit and any male intervention is pretty much guaranteed to bring the wrath of the law down on the man.

    Sorry, I mean on the white man. Our New Friends (TM) from sunnier climes tend to get a free pass.

  3. Reminds me of the complaints about “Where did all the good men go?” If you spend decades telling men that any sort of assertive behaviour is problematic, especially when directed towards women, those men who actually care about doing the right thing will deliberately make themselves as unassertive as possible and do whatever a woman tell them to. Hence the modern dating market for women consists largely of, on the one hand, agreeable but spineless nice guys, and, on the other hand, assertive jerks who don’t really care about anyone else.

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  5. Quite.

    I’m still reading The Secret Barrister’s book, and aside from the odd annoying bit of virtue signalling to indicate that he’s not insufficiently left-wing to get a good writeup in the Grauniad, the thing that’s most struck me is what he refers to as “the innocence tax”, people too well-off to qualify for legal aid, who get falsely accused of a crime and nowadays get bankrupted to pay for their defence, since costs are now awarded only at legal aid flat-rate fees, even though you’re paying £££lots per hour.

    So yes, a false accusation can cost you your house or your retirement. Particularly as legal protection insurance is not common in the UK (frankly you’re mad not to have it if you wouldn’t qualify for legal aid).

    Add into that the fact that it’s become surprisingly common for certain folks to use the police and justice system to settle petty scores over nothing by making false accusations to the police (see: e.g. Theodore Dalrymple’s work), some scumbag you accidentally brush in the street has an almost-risk-free way to wreck your life by reporting an “assault”.

  6. Ditto any attempt by white men to correct the behaviour of black/brown youth. Let them do whatever they want or at best it’s a charge of racism, at worst it’s a stabbing.

  7. At somewhat of a tangent to your subject, but still relevant… I’m not sure how I should word this, but four years ago I was involved in a physical altercation with another man who had deliberately poisoned my dog (he died a few days later from shock). It was in broad daylight in front of a large number of witnesses and resulted in him sustaining facial injuries (and possible internal injuries) and my right hand swelling up like a balloon. I laid low for the following week or two, afraid that the police would come knocking at my door – but to my surprise and relief, they never did. This however, is in Taiwan, and I later drew the conclusion from talking to a number of people that either the police had mysteriously received no complaint, or that I was the beneficiary of selective enforcement of the law.

  8. A good example of the rose tinted rear view mirror, Tim. Just because chivalry is now vanishingly rare does not mean it was common back in the day.

  9. If a man had intervened and a fight ensued, he would probably have been arrested.

    Exactly that has happened twice in recent weeks, within 20 meters of my door.

    Rough-but-essentially-decent blokes have stood up to thugs who have assaulted or threatened a 21yo female.
    One was a punch full to the face, leaving the girl with one side of her face swollen & black, she was unable to work for days.
    The other was crude insults accompanied by threats of violent assault.

    Both attacks were by total strangers, unknown to the girls who were attacked.

    Both times the police arrested the defender, each received a penalty more severe than that given to the attacker.

    In the punch to the face incident, the attacker was not even arrested.
    The defender however, is facing a raft of charges, an almost certain criminal record, huge fines, and a possible custodial sentence.

  10. Mike–Sorry to hear about your dog. Glad that you punished the turd.

    Steve–without identifying yourself, is there any way you can point us towards the name of those being abused by Plod. I would like to help with cash etc. Any halfway decent lawyer should have little trouble heaping this load of shit back down Plod’s throat.

    Abcab–Do you have any idea where you can get legal insurance against criminal charges? I tried to google some a while ago but couldn’t find any.

    This is of some interest. Something like it could surely be done over here.

    The link at the bottom seems defunct but it is a good idea nonetheless.

  11. Years ago I was talking to my girlfriend at the time about rape. I said I could understand how terrible it must be to be raped. She said that since I was a man there was no way I could understand what it could be like. We went back and forth for several minutes.

    Finally I agreed that, being a man, there was no way I could understand what it would be liked to be raped.

    My girlfriend then the got a very distraught look on her face and cried, “You’re just like all other men. You don’t even TRY to understand.”

  12. Screw chivalry. It was always a fool’s game. Either intervene or don’t but your decision shouldn’t hinge on the stinky bits between people’s legs. Fact is women *can* defend themselves, even if their government is scared of armed citizens and doesn’t allow them to carry lethal weapons. Women aren’t children and aren’t disabled. Let go of this idyllic (and fictional) past and treat women like adults.

    Speaking broadly – if nobody is willing to stop a beheading in the middle of a busy street in broad daylight I wouldn’t bank on Batman coming to your rescue from lonely pests with mental defects.

  13. As the saying over this side of the pond goes, “you’re going to hate the new rules”.

  14. Speaking broadly – if nobody is willing to stop a beheading in the middle of a busy street in broad daylight I wouldn’t bank on Batman coming to your rescue from lonely pests with mental defects.

    Sam, well said!

  15. @Mr Ecks – no idea where to find it in the UK, but in Switzerland I’ve got legal protection in criminal cases from Die Mobiliar.

    Correction – 10 seconds on Google gives me ARAG and others on the first page.

  16. Speaking broadly – if nobody is willing to stop a beheading in the middle of a busy street in broad daylight I wouldn’t bank on Batman coming to your rescue from lonely pests with mental defects.


  17. You refer to what might be termed the demise of chivalry, and to the emasculation of men.

    But escaping from someone we find boring at a party, or whose attempts to engage socially at work are not reciprocated is something we all have to do.

    Unwanted attention is something women get and getting guidance from older more experienced women on how to deal with, quickly and effectively, is more useful than lectures on how all men are rapists, oror calling in the authorities at the outset. That etiquette seems to have been replaced.

    The link worked for me, btw.

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