Leftists, Russians, and the Concept of Press Freedom

What have leftists in the West got in common with Russians? Not a lot I’d say, but not nothing. Konstantin on his Russian Blog gives us one such example:

Sometimes I find articles that recover my trust in the freedom of press in Europe. In case with the Russian-Ukrainian gas conflict 99% of Western mainstream media were printing articles using blueprint: “Russia is imperialistic because it enslaves its neighbors with cheap gas. Russia is imperialistic because it enslaves its neighbors with market prices.” But from time to time one find out that there are some dissidents even in the UK.

That is, if the press is not covering events the way they want them to, it must only be that freedom of the press is restricted to the point that an alternative view (i.e. their own) is forbidden from being aired.

Popular with both leftists in the West, and a good number of today’s Russians. Probably for different reasons, though.

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