I’m off to Marrakesh for a few days of sun. Blogging might be non-existent, or of poor quality. I’ll be back soon.

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17 thoughts on “Holiday

  1. Enjoy yourself!

    Take a break. Although it maybe hard for you to understand, we will survive without you for a few days. Just a few days, eh! Any more would be an abuse…

  2. Enjoy! Look out for the storks nesting on the walls and I hope you have a roof garden.

  3. Ah – we will need reports. We are doing a tour from Casablanca via Fez to Marrakech this summer.

    Might be a bit hot for this blotchy scotsman.

  4. Alas, I’m probably not even going to set foot outside the Sofitel. I came here purely because this was as far south as I needed to come to find warm weather (Portugal still a little iffy) and I found a good deal to Marrakech. The only observation I have thus far is that, for a city wanting to attract tourists, their passport control is a clusterfuck: I waited an hour.

  5. At least, take a stroll into the Jemaa el-Fnaa at dusk. Quite unforgettable.

  6. Passport control is a mess, but it’s a very nice airport otherwise. Puts most British ones to shame.

  7. I suggest going out a lot, drinking as much as you can, getting into a few fights, picking up a few prostitutes, taking every drug that’s offered to you, snooping around offices, tailing the police, insulting local politicians and hopefully getting kidnapped, or something equally dramatic.

    Why? Because you’re a novelist now. That’s what we novelists do all the time. It’s called research, or ‘gathering ideas’.

  8. That’s what we novelists do all the time.

    You’ve kinda described much of my time in the oil industry. Perhaps that’s why I’ve switched to writing novels?

  9. Be sure to spy out the land. If an Ice Age is on its way Her Britannic Majesty’s government may find good reason to take an interest in Morocco.

  10. Not everyone who can just say, “I’m off to Marrakesh for a spot of …”

    You some kind of spy already?

  11. So it’s not actually snowing down there, Tim? ‘Kin miracle, this winter. Costa del Sol this ain’t. Gets any colder, we’ll be getting penguins in the pool.

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