Thanks to Trump, North Korea is talking

Well fancy that:

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has hosted a dinner for senior South Korean delegates – the first time officials from Seoul have met the young leader since he took office in 2011.

The South Korean president’s office confirmed the meeting shortly after the delegates’ arrival on Monday.

The 10-member team is in Pyongyang for talks partly aimed at restarting dialogue between the North and the US.

Relations between the Koreas have warmed following last month’s Olympics.

In an unprecedented move, the South Korean delegation includes two ministerial-level envoys – intelligence chief Suh Hoon and National Security adviser Chung Eui-yong.

During the two-day visit, the South Korean group will focus on establishing conditions for talks aimed at getting rid of the North’s nuclear weapons as well as dialogue between the US and Pyongyang.

A couple of months ago we were told Trump’s rhetoric on North Korea and juvenile tweeting was bringing the world to the brink of nuclear Armageddon. Turns out bitch-slapping Rocketman has given him pause for thought.

This subject came up on BBC news this morning, and a discussion took place between the presenter and guest that went approximately as follows:

Presenter: Doesn’t this show that talking is more productive than threats?

Guest: Well, in all honesty I think Donald Trump has forced the North Koreans to resume talks.

Presenter: Really? But…

Guest: Yes, I think this is down to Donald Trump.

Presenter: But don’t you think it has more to do with the tightening of sanctions, and the UN?

Guest: Yes, but it was Trump that tightened the sanctions and brought the issue of North Korea to the UN to begin with.

Presenter: Oh. Really, but don’t you think…

Guest: Yes, really, I know it’s an unpopular view, but I think the reason North Korea is now cooperating is because of Donald Trump.

Presenter, looking as though she’s eaten a turd: Okay, well moving on…


8 thoughts on “Thanks to Trump, North Korea is talking

  1. Pepole of a sensible persuasion, the sort who come here or to Tim Worstall’s various offerings for example, probably have a view on the BBC. I certainly do. It needs to be defunded and de-biased. There is zero sensibilism in the Labour party and close to three parts of fuck all common sense in the Tory party. But that does not give the BBC licence to treat all common sense with such manifest disdain. BBC types hate people like me and I will return the favour. Just look at their Brexit coverage – it’s all about ‘how we can avoid disaster’. I’d actually quite like the ‘disaster’. It’s what I and 17m other people voted for.

  2. That’s the Scott Adams line and forecast.

    Got to say the world is nightly easier to understand and forecast after hearing what Adams has been saying for the last three years.

    It should be a useful feather in anyone’s cap on how to think a bit differently and possibly better.

  3. I think she’d rather eat a turd that admit that Trump has done well. Literally.

    In fact, that would make a good TV show. ‘I’m a Guardian journalist, Get Me Out Of Here’. Guardian journos are taken to the Austarlian outback, and given various choices: eat wallaby shit, or admit Trump is a good president. Lick a dingo’s derriere, or say they love Donald Rumsfeld. Take a bath in witchety grubs, or agree to write an article praising Mike Pence. I know which way they’d go every time.

  4. Presenter, looking as though she’s eaten a turd: Okay, well moving on…

    Ahahahahaha!! Priceless!

    And good on the guest for actually expressing what he/she knew to be unpopular, but believed to be true.

  5. Cognitive dissonance is one of two choices we can make when an irrefutable fact meets and contradicts our firmly held world view.

    If you want another example, ask a Green if they agree that the oil and gas industry saved whales from extinction?

  6. I have always thought that Trump’s sabre rattling antics with North Korea were all just for show, of course they are talking behind the scenes. And as for Nikki Haley and her ludicrous statement that North Korea should give up on their nuclear weapons as a precondition for talks, absolute show business.

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