Breast Practices

This story amused me:

A transgender woman has been able to breastfeed a baby in the first recorded case of its kind, researchers say.

The woman had been on hormone replacement therapy for six years, but had not gender reassignment surgery, when she approached doctors with the aim of breastfeeding the child.

Before the baby was born, doctors put her on a three-and-a-half-month course of treatment to help her artificially produce milk, usually given to women who have adopted babies or who have them via surrogates.

This included breast pumping, taking hormones produced by biological mothers, a drug which can stimulate milk production and a male hormone blocker.

For some time now, breastfeeding mothers have been nagged into monitoring very carefully what they eat and drink, telling them that any nasties they consume will be passed onto their infant child via the breast milk. I suspect this is largely propaganda aimed at frightening mothers into adopting puritan lifestyles, but it has been very effective. I have met several breastfeeding mothers who will not even have a glass of wine, certain that to do so will harm their baby, and women who drink while breastfeeding receive disapproving looks and remarks from prodnoses nearby.

Yet here we are celebrating the fact that a man, having been pumped full of chemicals in the hope that his body will start mimicking a woman’s, is breastfeeding. I’ve always known consistency was an early casualty of the progressive cause, but it’s not always stated as plainly as this.

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15 thoughts on “Breast Practices

  1. Again, I have some qualification in this area….

    Breast feeding is a wonderful natural method of nourishing infants. It’s also the reason many children didn’t survive; the production of milk and the mechanics of its delivery are subject to the usual natural bell curve.

    Last time I checked (about half an hour ago, since you asked), breasts don’t come with an empty/full gauge. Therefore, it’s anyone’s guess how much has actually passed through to the madly-sucking child.

    My sister in law, a sparrow of a woman with two half ping pong balls in her bra, was sold the whole “you’ve got to breast feed because if you don’t you’re a terrible mother” when she gave birth. We murmured supportively but suggested that, if the 240v breast pump was unable to express more than a teaspoonful after 15 minutes, what chance does a small baby have?

    As for the Trans thing; it’s all about the transperson , isn’t it? A mentally-ill human has had their mental illness played along with by a doctor willing to prescribe hormone therapy rather than psychotherapy and we get to say, “Look at us, we can master a biological reality billions of generations old and make it bend to our will”.

    As Lemmy said, “Just because you’ve got the power, don’t mean you’ve got the right”.

  2. @Thud,


    Stoke on Trent’s 3rd most famous musical talent* is the best of the 3 and, increasingly, missed like we now miss Thatcher. We never fully appreciate what we have until it’s gone.

    *Can you name the other two? One doesn’t count as it’s too easy…..

  3. I was lucky enough to see Lemmy and meet him a few times over the years and was always impressed, I like my music pure and motorhead never deviated….plus Lemmy and the Ramones, a match made in heaven for me.

  4. “I trust no taxpayer monies were used for any of the above ghastliness.”

    Approximately 200 elderly hips were not replaced so that the NHS could fund this exiting new advancement in science.

  5. @Hector Drummond – what would he have turned to if his father had breast fed him? The mind verily doth boggle.

  6. If we assume that a big chunk of science(!) is to prove something, what exactly are we trying to prove with men breastfeeding babies?

    Is it: A) we are secretly gods and thus can make humans what we want;
    B) There is finally a clearly good reason men were given nipples by the original god so the original design isn’t wasted;
    C) A thrilling outlet for the chemical-manufacturing industry to concoct exciting new drugs that the state will buy at inflated prices;
    D) something for the MSM to get giddy over and avoid reporting that the world is quietly going to hell in a hand cart?


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