Fatty and Skinny

During yesterday’s press conference following the announcement of Trump’s clean bill of health, a reporter – who adheres to practically every stereotype Americans have of Brits – asked the following question:

Did you tell the current president about his predecessors’ exercise routine and does this president ask you about how he could follow his predecessors’ example to be as fit as Barack Obama was?

Leaving aside the pointlessness of the question – does he fancy Obama, or what? – there is an age gap to consider. Trump is 71, Obama is 56; when they entered office they were 70 and 47 respectively. That’s quite a difference, although their wives became First Lady at roughly the same age. For some reason, few reporters compare them physically.


10 thoughts on “Fatty and Skinny

  1. Obama smoked cigarettes, only exercise he getting was when he walked outside to have crafty fag.

    Does Trump walk or use cart while golfing, if he walks he gets lots of exercise.

  2. If ever there was proof that Trump is simply trolling the media 90% of the time, I think his doctors comments prove it:
    “Donald Trump has “incredible genes” and could have lived to 200-years-old if his diet had been better in recent years, the White House presidential physician said.”

    Brilliant stuff.

  3. If you’re Trump’s age and wish to postpone death it’s best to be overweight or slightly obese. Both groups outlive “normal”. Skinny people die youngest. So once again the absurd oaf has probably got something right.

    Scroll down to the discussion of fig 4.

    P.S. He gets about the golf course sitting on his arse. He’s an American.
    P.P.S. I’ve seen a claim that he’s a good golfer. Slick Willie used to cheat. At golf I mean. The 0, dunno.

  4. Isn’t it refreshing to see the glowing First Lady at formal events and what about that Chinese themed Gucci dress she wore to the state dinner in Beijing. Knock your socks off.

  5. I have no doubt that if that reporter was asked for their list of best presidents ever that FDR would be very near the top. How much jogging did he manage?

  6. “Does he fancy Obama or what?”

    Yes he probably does. Obama seems to have what can only be described as a sexual allure for certain white male British liberals.

  7. Health statistics are difficult to interpret. The idea that thin people die young, in the study that dearieme cited, need not be true. The thin people are those who eat healthy and exercise, plusthose who are in decline, who have lost weight because of health issues. I still think obesity is unhealthy.

  8. Someone on Twitter put photos of Bill Clinton and Trump side by side, both with the caption “71 year old man”.

    Quite revealing.

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