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The ZMan has written a post on YouTube personalities which can be summed up as:

The people watching and enjoying her work, are very different people from anyone I know.

ZMan is also not alone when he says:

Until recently, PewDiePie was unknown to me, despite his having 59 million subscribers. He is the #1 YouTube personality.

I was absolutely staggered when I heard about PewDiePie’s popularity, and I mentioned it to a colleague. His eyes lit up and he said, “Oh, that’s nothing: check out this video!”:

At the time of posting, this had been viewed a staggering 144,109,815 times. The shorter version has been viewed 128 million times.

Occasionally I stop and wonder if I’m living on the same planet as everyone else.

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23 thoughts on “Popular Videos

  1. Occasionally I stop and wonder if I’m living on the same planet as everyone else.

    I know, but then I’ve never experienced a scorpion in my pyjamas either.

  2. I lasted 29 seconds, and that’s 29 seconds of my life I won’t get back.

    Amazing how culturally enriching the internet is.

  3. There was an earlier thread discussing why people aren’t mating anymore. A lot of typing went into that thread.

    Turns out it could have been dealt with through a quick YouTube link.

  4. Watching some character give an impression of what used, in t’olden days, to be called a nancyboy prancing means some people have too much time on their hands.

  5. This has to be one of the most insane videos I’ve seen on youtube.


    Now a question for you, Andy: are you in any videos like this? Be honest, and share any links.

  6. After discovering Chap-Hop I’m surprised anything surprises you.

    None is more surprised than me by my ability to continue being surprised.

  7. More links please. All we need is Clive James raising a sardonic eyebrow and Marguerita Pracatan to sing us through the credits.

  8. Right, that’s it!

    Tim, anymore than once month wid dis stuff and I’m outta here.

    I spend enough time over at David Thompson gig without having to go through more inane (but less evil) stuff here!

    It makes porn look positively healthy. It’s proof we are on a slippery downhill cultural and social slope. Decadent and when the moment arrives we’ll have been colonised without having realised it.

    I am glad you were shocked too.

  9. If you have children you can’t escape some of this shit. Especailly that idiot pineapple pen guy. I think his 144 million views come from 144 children at my kids’ school watching it a million times each.

  10. That Pineapple pen guy makes Julian Clary look butch.

    if you are into seriously weird stuff, searching youtube for Japanese girl pop groups will disturb you somewhat severely. Mental with a psychotic samurai theme barely covers it.

    I thought I was weird enjoying historic mousetrap videos from Shawn Woods.


    I genuinely want to build this one for the hut that my archery club uses to store kit. There is a mouse infestation problem and it seems somewhat appropriate (though we use Olympic recurve bows, not crossbows)


    Yep – I know. I need to get out a bit more at night …

  11. I thought I was weird enjoying historic mousetrap videos from Shawn Woods.

    Heh! I’d never heard of these things, but that’s what I love about YouTube and the internet: no matter how weird your area of interest, there are like-minded people to be found. I like the crossbow design.

  12. @Tim, As I am in New Zealand and they have a problem with bush possums, they tend to use 1080 poison drops to get rid of them. This is NOT good as 1080 kills everything in the ecosystem, including insects, birds, mammals and indigenous species too … a bit counter productive if you want to save the indigenous species.

    Now, at the moment, possum fur sells for about $NZ 120 a kilo and you need about six possums to make a kilo. Skins sell for about the same and as the skin weighs more than the fur, then two big ones or three smaller possums to the kilo. Skins take more effort to skin and stretch but still a profitable occupation.

    Possum traps are not expensive but a trap line of say 50 works out pricey. Constructing deadfall traps etc. out of sticks is both cheap and the trap is difficult to find unless you laid them. This one breaks their necks so is humane and doesn’t allow them to thrash around and damage the fur:


    It will keep me fit checking the trap line daily, earn cash, rid the country of pests and save the 1080 drops which poison everything, despite what the Dept. of Conservation says … It is a government department so its role is the exact opposite of its title (like the Health service deals with sick people, the Department of Employment deals with unemployed people etc. and so forth).

    I like tradition so an 8000 year old clap trap is right up my street…


    You know what I said about getting out a bit more at night? I definitely need to do so … Bugger! >};o)

  13. Am I allowed to wonder if 128million is a verifiable figure and even if so ,wouldn’t most of them be people just saying ,’ this is garbage’ ?

  14. @Hyam Phorctifarneaux

    Agree fully. I watched twenty seconds of the tripe and turned it off to the sound of me using Trumpian foul-mouthed rants. I would like to know not only if the 128 million are legit but how long they watched for. I suspect my brief glimpse puts me down as a full-length viewer.

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