Renaming Roads

This is actually a neat bit of provocation:

Washington DC has renamed the street the Russian embassy sits on after a murdered Russian opposition politician.

The city council voted to rename the street outside Russia’s embassy complex after Boris Nemtsov, who was shot outside the Kremlin in 2015.

A statement from the council said the decision to honour the “slain democracy activist” passed unanimously.

It might seem a bit petty to some, but the murder of Boris Nemtsov was appalling. True, five Chechen men (who else?) have been jailed for it, but I doubt even Russians believe it was their idea, assuming they even had anything to do with it. There’s not much anyone can do about it, other than:

His daughter, Zhanna, travelled to Washington DC in early December to advocate for the name change.

Well, good for her. Nobody sane thinks the US should start dropping bombs on Moscow over this, but if they can rename a street at the behest of the murdered man’s daughter and annoy their political enemies? Well, why not?

Frankly, I think this practice should become more widespread. We could rename the road on which the Argentine embassy sits Falkland Islands Avenue, the street which houses the Zimbabwean embassy Ian Smith Street, and the location of the French embassy White Flag Drive. What’s not to like? Suggestions for others in the comments, please.


22 thoughts on “Renaming Roads

  1. How about a railway station, a major one, in the capital?

    Indeed, our leaders had the right idea back then.

  2. The Russian Embassy in London, Litvinenko Polonium Gardens.

    EU Commission, London Office, Farage Square.

  3. But in terms of stations, Waterloo merely copies the French, who got there first with the Gare d’Austerlitz.

    But, Waterloo Bridge was named a mere 2 years after the battle in question (and it’s from there that the station gets its name)

  4. Didn’t Iran do this to the UK Embassy there? Named it after Bobby Sands, I think.


    Incidentally, I have no idea why the SAS stormed the Iranian embassy and handed it back to the Mullahs.

  5. There was a street in a town oop north called Batley Street and the locals hated the name. So they pressed the council for a name change and lo and behold, it was duly renamed as…

    Crabtree Drive

    Sometimes it’s best not to imagine there are better names available.

  6. However the German embassy after the central square in Cologne? We could put a statue of a pepper spray nearby.

  7. Italian embassy can be on Berlusconi Square (apart from the fact that we’ll lose Belgrave Square in so doing). They might mistakenly take it as a tribute

  8. Spanish Embassy: Armada Avenue.
    US Embassy: Slick Willie Way.
    French Embassy: Dreyfus Drive.

  9. The Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles: Monterrey Drive.
    The British Embassy in DC: Yorktown Street.

    The Mexican Consulate in Houston is already located on San Jacinto street so that’s been done.

  10. The airport at Calcutta is named after Subhash Chandra Bose, which is nice because that’s presumably where he would have greeted Hitler and Emperor Hirohito just prior to handing over India to them had his dumb plan been successful.

    They proudly display a picture of him shaking hands with Adolf in the museum in his honour. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” got stretched a bit there, I feel.

  11. I favour Agincourt Street for the French embassy but Crecy has its attractions (they killed more French at Crecy). I’d go with The Valley of the Clerks too if you don’t want to be too controversial.

  12. The Irish Passport and Visa office in London is on Cromwell Road. Not a deliberate rebrand but amusing nonetheless.

  13. How about: Prince’s Gate to become “His Imperial Majesty Reza Shah Pahlavi Street”? Or to extend the concept a bit, Rutland Gardens to become “Victims of the Armenia Genocide Street”? (BTW there is, or used to be, a place in Rome next to Laurentina station called ‘Victims of the Istrian Cave Massacres Plaza’.)

  14. “Didn’t Iran do this to the UK Embassy there? Named it after Bobby Sands, I think.”

    Yes and then they made some structural adjustments and changed their official address to the tradesmen entrance on the side street. There is a burger joint on Bobby Sands St, Tehran, called Bobby Sands Burger. I think the irony would be lost on them.

    What about this for the address of the new US Embassy in London, No.1 Dealy Plaza or 911 Towers Avenue for the the Saudi embassy in Washington.

  15. In a suburb of New York, the Russians built a residence for their diplomatic workers The street was renamed to Anatoly Sharansky Square.

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