Goodbye to Seoul

Well, my time in Seoul is almost at an end, and I should be on the half-past midnight flight back to Dubai this evening.

It has been hard work, long hours, and damned cold. It has snowed twice this week, and temperatures were down to minus 12 at one point. I haven’t spent enough time here to comment on Koreans as a people, but I will say that with the exception of a few individuals, the ones I had to work with were very hospitable, courteous, hard working, and friendly. Seoul is not a place I would recommend for a holiday, but as a place to come for a month’s work it is not at all bad. I can imagine in summer it would be quite pleasant.

My enduring memory of the trip will be the occasion when someone in the Korean engineering company had the bright idea to take their devout Muslim clients to a musical in the Sheraton hotel which featured two dozen topless women. Never have I seen a group of Kuwaitis evacuate a theatre so quickly. By comparison, this Brit, the Koreans, and the Venezuelan stayed drinking wine and chomping pork until the show had finished, and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

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