Slobodan Praljak

I’ve got to say, the look on the judge’s face between 20 and 30 seconds is a picture:

And how did he manage to get into court with a vial of poison in his pocket? Don’t prisoners get searched?


11 thoughts on “Slobodan Praljak

  1. Story of the week, without a doubt.

    Of course, it’s no Bud Dwyer, as it just looks like a tramp downing a shot of vodka, but still: full marks.

  2. He could have scored more points on the way out. He could have said “OK, I’ll drink this poison that the court has given me. But I won’t do it in secret like they insisted!”

  3. Jerry, he’s Croatian.

    Not that you’d know from the blatantly one-sided propaganda churned out in Europe during the war, but they did have some wrong’uns too.

  4. Poor bastard.

    My biggest regret about the whole break up of Yugoslavia and the Balkanisation thing, was how much I was sucked up into the whole mainstream media, NATO, UN, think tank view on this and actually went along with it.

  5. Saves us all the cost of locking him up for years. This behaviour should be encouraged. My own plan for saving money on locking up violent criminals is to combine Spartan jail conditions with castration.

  6. Well for whatever bad deed he may have commanded over I would say that he is quits now by at least bringing to light for a fleeting moment the sham NATO court that he was tried in. Imagine they started trials for the Moslem, US and NATO shenanigans done during those wars. Imagine they started doing them for Iraq, Syria and Libya, how much would that cost.

  7. Nazi war criminal Hermann Goering may have been able to kill himself rather than hang because of a U.S. soldier’s attempt to impress a girl at Nuremberg.

    Herbert Lee Stivers, 78, who was once a guard at Nuremberg, told the Los Angeles Times he gave Goering the cyanide capsule that enabled the German war criminal to commit suicide the night before he was to he hanged.

  8. Joe Root was last seen going to the bathroom just now with a small container, we know that he doesn’t have much of a personality and that he is the latest part of a long and illustrious cricket family, I just hope he is okay.

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