Time to Apologise

The people who make up ISIS are not entirely stupid:

Isis-affiliated fighters “apologised” after launching an attack on Israeli soldiers, the country’s former defence minister has claimed.

Moshe Ya’alon was reportedly referring to an incident when a group linked to Isis in the Syrian Golan Heights exchanged fire with Israeli forces last November.

“There was one case recently where Daesh [Isis] opened fire and apologised,” Mr Ya’alon said.

That’s probably sensible, yes. The scene was captured in cartoon form below:

This was interesting, too:

According to the first Western journalists, who have entered Isis’ territories and survived, Israel is the only country in the world the Islamic group fears because it believes its army is too strong to face.

And the reason Israel ensures it has a very strong army is precisely because of groups like ISIS and those who think like them.


10 thoughts on “Time to Apologise

  1. It isn’t because Israel has the strongest army. It’s because Israel has a very good army and they are willing to use it as intended.

    You can have the biggest, strongest army in the world but if you use it as some sort of outreach service tied up in a hundred “rules of engagement” designed to make it ineffective it is useless. Worse than useless, in fact – it becomes a target.

  2. Once spoke to a former British army sergeant and asked two questions: what was the best weapon you ever used and which army would you wish to be fighting alongside? Answers: .50 cal machine gun and the Israeli army.

    So we know what to do, then.

  3. Speaking of the IDF,

    “‘During its operation in Gaza, the Israeli Defense Forces did more to safeguard the rights of civilians in a combat zone than any other army in the history of warfare.’


    We in the UK were left deeply shaken by the attacks, and I remember that the first ones to call to offer help – for some time, in fact, they were the only ones to call – was the IDF. It was then that we knew who our real friends are.

    It’s well worth a read.

  4. Yeah, sorry! 😛
    Obviously it’s one guy’s POV but the way it contrasts with the media ‘narrative’ about Israel and the IDF is interesting.

  5. “…because it believes its army is too strong to face.”

    Translation: “…because it believes its army isn’t operating with one hand tied behind its back by ‘uman rights and identity politics nonsense.”

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