A Working Class Liaison Officer

I came across this via Obo the Clown on Twitter and thought it was good, especially given it concerned idiotic policies at the University of Manchester. I particularly liked this bit:

But words can maim, as proven by the recent disturbing video showing a female SJW reacting to the words ‘Hugh Mongous’ as if she’s been kicked in the tits. But while we outright condone micro-aggressions aimed at working-class students based on their race or gender, it’s perfectly legitimate and not micro-aggressive at all to smear them as knuckle-dragging racists one Sun headline away from setting fire to a mosque.

Luckily, the job criteria was simple: the successful applicant need merely ‘identify’ as working-class, leaving the door open for Princess Eugenie to apply just as long as she woke that day and decided she was a brickie called Keith. Because actual experience is no substitute for imagined empathy and it’d be a sad day if the student union discriminated against a plethora of capable candidates just because they’d never eaten a kebab, appeared on Jeremy Kyle or drowned one of their illegitimate children in a bath-tub.

The author, who goes by the name of Ben Pensant, has a blog here.


4 thoughts on “A Working Class Liaison Officer

  1. I often self-identify as a genius, raconteur and all-round good fellow. But yes, I am micro-aggressed because no one agrees with any of it.

    I am so upset at this I might just go off to M/Cr Uni and apply by self-identifying as a lad who once lived in the city (when in fact I lived in Salford. No, no sniggering at the back!)

  2. “a female SJW reacting to the words ‘Hugh Mongous’”

    Thank goodness she wasn’t exposed to Yuge Mongous.

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