The Myth of Russian Prostitutes

Even rabid lefty journalists seem to think that these latest allegations regarding Donald Trump are bollocks of the first water, but I’m going to put in my two cents anyway:

In the document, a source says Mr Trump hired the presidential suite of the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Moscow, where he knew President Obama and Michelle Obama had stayed on one of their officials trips. The source goes on to say that Mr Trump asked prostitutes to perform lewd sex acts on the bed where the Obamas had slept.

“According to Source D … Trump’s perverted conduct included … defiling the bed where they had slept by employing a number of prostitutes to perform a ‘golden showers’ (urination) show in front of him.”

Ah yes, of course.  One can’t possibly have a story taking place in Moscow without prostitutes being involved, be it a poorly-written Hollywood film or what looks like an internet hoax being passed to the CIA who then took it seriously.  Whenever anything slightly dodgy is happening involving Russians, prostitutes must be shoehorned in there somehow.

It seems to be a reputation Russia cannot shake.  I wasn’t in Russia during the 1990s, but from what I heard from those who were pretty much everything that was there was for sale – women included.  During this period the former Soviet Union saw an exodus of young women who went abroad to be mail-order brides, prostitutes, and strippers and thus the reputation was born.  I don’t know when this peaked, but when I arrived in Dubai in 2003 certain clubs were packed with “Russian” prostitutes.  Only they were almost all from Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, and to a lesser extent Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Moldova.  About a quarter of them were ethnic Russians, the rest Central Asian or mixed.  By the time I left in 2006 their numbers had dwindled and they’d been replaced by Africans and Chinese.  I never went back so I don’t know if there are any there now.

When I went to Sakhalin in 2006 I found a lot of young women who were keen to form relationships with expatriates, and some of those expatriates were two decades older than the girls and sported large beer bellies.  However, even these women were in the minority: most girls on Sakhalin wanted to marry a Russian guy (or Korean if the girl was part of that community).  But I never saw a prostitute the whole time I was there.  I heard there was a kind of brothel catering to Filipino workers somewhere out on the airport road, and there were certainly banyas where prostitutes worked, sort of like the massage parlours in the UK.  And the local paper and presumably websites had plenty of adverts featuring women who promised to show you a good time, but this is hardly unique to Russia as a brief glance at Craigslist would reveal.

I went to Moscow on a business trip once in 2008 and ended up with a group of guys from Gazprom in some high-class strip bar where girls my height wandered around in spangly bikinis and high-heeled shoes made from clear plastic.  By the time I arrived I’d been sick twice thanks to ferocious drinking which took place earlier that night, after which they’d dragged me to a place where I’d drank a whole pot of tea to get me on my feet again.  I must have stayed all of thirty minutes in that strip bar and whilst the girls were undoubtedly for sale, they were hardly throwing themselves at the customers in the manner one sees in gangster films.

In other words, whatever happened in the 1990s is a long time ago and prostitution in Russia – from what I can tell – is not much different from how it is in any European country.  Contrary to what many people think, a trip to Russia will not see eighteen year old stunners throwing themselves at you; the closest you’ll come to that is when one walks into you while uploading photos onto on her mobile.  True, the women there are pretty and there are plenty of single ones with whom a relationship is possible (although perhaps not always advisable) but prostitutes they are not.  Nor are Russians particularly into group sex, lewd acts, and other weird stuff that Hollywood likes to portray.

By contrast, I saw a lot of prostitution in Nigeria and in Thailand.  I saw a lot of strip clubs in Melbourne too, which made Blackpool Pleasure Beach look as classy as the US Masters.  Having lived in Russia and France, I don’t see much difference between the two in terms of prostitution, weird sex, and the propensity for wealthy, successful men to like attractive young women.  Nobody would have written about Trump visiting Paris and getting prostitutes to swamp on a bed, but if it takes place in Russia seemingly this is quite normal.

A decent journalist would have known this is a crude, inaccurate stereotype and declined to print the story.  To their credit, most of them did.  Apparently the CIA has taken it seriously though.  Doesn’t that just fill you with confidence?


15 thoughts on “The Myth of Russian Prostitutes

  1. Fake news anyone? It does all sound a bit too much like a script from a Bond film knock off. I wonder if anyone currently working for the CIA has actually ever been to Moscow.

  2. Leave the CIA alone; they’re still trying find evidence of Russian hackers forcing millions of Americans to reject Hillary, rather than leak some embarrassing emails that were actually written.

  3. I only once went to a strip club (sorry, not glamorous — it was in Stockport) and all I can recall was being at the back of the room and because everyone in front of me stood on tables and blocked my view I can assure you I saw nothing. Nothing at all.

    That’s why, after that bitterly disappointing experience, I have to rely on Hollywood to tell me what goes on at these places. People of my height who are scared to climb on tables get to see nothing otherwise.

  4. sorry, not glamorous — it was in Stockport

    Possibly the most blatant case of unnecessary repetition ever typed in the English language.

    That’s why, after that bitterly disappointing experience

    I’m 6’4″. Trust me, you’re not missing much.

  5. This would be dirt on Trump? It would certainly be dirt on Obama (or almost anyone) if he had been caught cavorting with hookers in Moscow. In Trump’s case, this would be a badge of honour. He would probably leak the sex tape himself shortly before the next election.

  6. This isn’t a CIA report, if I understand correctly. It could be part of the dossier McCain compiled on his own initiative and handed over to the CIA. It’s allegedly a report by a “former British intelligence officer.” Mother Jones wrote about it on Oct. 31, quoting the part about “splits and divisions” but making no mention of the prostitutes.

    For some reason, the dispatches are marked “company intelligence.” I don’t quite understand what it means, other than the ex-spy was working for a private intelligence firm (perhaps his own) and put together this stuff for the firm’s client(s). Opposition research for the Dems and/or Republican never-Trumpers?

    In any case, a single agent privy to so much first-hand information – even 10% of it – is hardly imaginable. So many contacts in the Russian government, all willing to divulge details of confidential negotiations! Chances are most of the stuff is based on rumors, innuendo, Chinese whispers and common knowledge. And possibly a hoax or two.

    Some of it is probably true, but, for one, the claim that Peskov was managing the kompromat file on Clinton is unbelievable. He’s Putin’s spokesman, a former diplomat who spent years in Turkey – they say he speaks great Turkish and is an effective interpreter. Why would he be in charge of an extremely important component of the alleged American operation, given his daytime job and lack of relevant experience?

    It’s no wonder the CIA ignored this “dossier” when it was first submitted, a couple of weeks before the election.

    The best part is this golden showers episode. A troll from 4chan claimed on Nov. 1 that he had invented the whole story “months ago” and sent it to a never-Trumper to see if he’d take the bait. Apparently he did. The anti-Trump guy is close to “independent candidate” McMullin, who in his turn is an ex-CIA operative.

    Even assuming the story about the girls were true, Trump is Teflon enough to not give a damn. Even the Brit spy admits that Trump has no investments in Russia. In the big picture, that’s the only thing that matters.

  7. (It was in Stockport)

    If it had been during Manchester Rag Week 1966, that inconsiderate yahoo on the table could have been me. I was however invited to get down by a very nice bouncer.

    Visiting Moscow in 1993 I saw some of the most stunning single ladies in the bar of the Metropol.

  8. Visiting Moscow in 1993 I saw some of the most stunning single ladies in the bar of the Metropol.

    Yeah, I’ve heard 1990s Russia was like being on another planet.

  9. “in spangly bikinis and high-heeled shoes made from clear plastic.”

    Are you missing an Oxford comma, or do you mean that the bikinis were also made from clear plastic?

    I merely ask because, given the context, it might just be plausible.

  10. Are you missing an Oxford comma, or do you mean that the bikinis were also made from clear plastic?

    I think the straps might have been.

  11. Tim,
    no idea about this particular event (or lack thereof), but seems you are completely missing the point. Using hired (or forced) female help to compromise high value male targets has been on the KGB playbook for about a century now. It is quite plausible that Trump would be considered such a high value target.

  12. Using hired (or forced) female help to compromise high value male targets has been on the KGB playbook for about a century now.

    True. But this would probably have limited success against somebody who appears only to marry models and used to own the rights to Miss World.

  13. “It is quite plausible that Trump would be considered such a high value target.”

    No doubt. But you use the honey trap against men who are not exposed on a daily basis to beautiful women and have a lot to lose being exposed. Trump has these women on-tap, and has almost nothing to lose.

    If they had wanted real leverage on him, they would have pulled him into tangled business ventures, throwing a ton of public praise at him on the way.

    This whole thing is the 1960’s, le Carré, view of the world.

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