Moscow-St. Petersburg-Kazan

Apologies for the poor quality posting of late, a consequence of clearing my desk of work before I depart to Russia on Thursday.

I’m going to be spending one night in Moscow, then catching a train to St. Petersburg where I will be staying with a friend for 6 days. Then it will be back to Moscow and an overnight train to Kazan, where I will be staying with another friend until 5th November. I’m due back in Dubai late on 6th November.

Posting on here will largely depend on if and when I can get on the internet. I’m probably not going to be writing a full travel journal for this trip, but I will take some notes and as many pictures as I can fit on my memory card.


3 thoughts on “Moscow-St. Petersburg-Kazan

  1. Have an interesting trip (and wear warm clothes; I was having chills just looking at your photos from the last trip to Nizhnekamsk)

  2. Yeah, I was a bit daft then. Not like now, of course. Actually, I’ll be wearing similar clothes because what I took to Nizhnekamsk was adequate for a Russian autumn, not a Russian winter.

    I have warmer clothes which I will wear take with me, but they are very Western-looking, i.e. fleeces and Gore-Tex hiking equipment. I guess I can wear this when I am with my friends, but when alone I think I’d do better to wear the leather jacket and angry face – which I am told, combined with my short hair and leanness, makes me look very Russian. Not looking foreign is sadly a must in modern Russia.

  3. Tim, I’m afraid, you’ll fail in mimicry: you have a face of an independent person, and that’s a sure give-away.

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