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James Higham has also written about Hillary’s email scandal:

In a nutshell, Huma Abedin [allegedly] hid thousands of emails in a folder called #LifeInsurance.

Which reminded me of something.

Back in early 2009 I went on a skiing trip with three friends to Japan in what turned out to be one of the best holidays I’ve had, and by far the best lads’ holiday I’ve ever been on.

This was in the days before iPads and hence only one of our number – which one I won’t say – had brought along a laptop, and all of us would use it once per day to check emails, etc.

Then on one occasion somebody was using the “communal” laptop and noticed something.

“Hey!” he said, addressing the laptop’s owner.  “What’s this folder called System Files”?”

“Oh, erm, um…well, yes,” came the mumbled reply.

“And why is it on the Desktop?” persisted the first chap.

I joined in the fun.  “System files on the Desktop?” I queried.  “What OS are you running there, then?  Let’s open it up!” I said.

We did.  It didn’t contain system files.


4 thoughts on “System Files

  1. The folder name “#LifeInsurance” may be significant. Even if Abedin had no fears about her personal safety she must have been aware that Clinton fires and forgets people the moment they cease to be useful to her. The Clintons show no loyalty to anybody. So it may be that Abedin was collecting dirt on her boss to ensure that she would have to be given a prestigious job if Clinton ever became President. That would explain why the FBI are treating this new evidence as so significant, because in this scenario Abedin would have been looking for the most compromising material she could possibly find.

  2. The folder name “#LifeInsurance” may be significant.

    Oh hell yes. Unlike my pal’s System Files folder, the name of this one might be very apt indeed.

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