Back From Singapore

We’re now back in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk from our holiday in Singapore, which was excellent with the exception of a few days of rain which meant we had to stay under shelter sipping cocktails all day.  We also managed to take a couple of days at a small beach resort on the Indonesian island of Bintan, a 40 minute ferry ride from Singapore.  Much to our surprise, Indonesia issues 7-day visit visas on arrival for Russians (as well as a whole list of other countries, including the UK) for a fee of $10 at certain ports of entry, Bintan being one of them.   Indonesia made a nice change, and chalked up another country on my list of those which I’ve visited, and I got to see a couple of rather frightening looking, metre-long, monitor lizards wandering around our beach chalet, one of which I filmed catching and swallowing a fish.

My wife was understandably very impressed with Singapore over Sakhalin, and is now allegedly on the lookout for a new, or additional, husband who will promise to take her there to live.  I must therefore immediately persuade her as to the benefits of living in Russia (you can’t wear mink coats in Singapore, for example), and in the meantime leave you with a few photos of our trip.

The communal pool at 39 Chancery Lane, Singapore

Singapore's parliament building, looking across from Boat Quay

Palm trees, Sentosa Island, Singapore

Sunset, Bintan Island, Indonesia

Sunset, Bintan Island, Indonesia

Raffles Hotel, Singapore

Enjoying a Singapore Sling, Long Bar, Raffles Hotel


6 thoughts on “Back From Singapore

  1. She was fine with the humidity. She lived 4 years in Dubai, where the heat and humidity in summer is miles worser than in Singapore. Any remaining discomfort was offset by the presence of Louis Vouitton stores and decent cocktail bars. Besides, I’m not even sure if she’s Russian. She is allergic to cold, hates snow, and loves the heat. I sometimes think she’s an escapee from a St. Petersburg safari park.

    As for the lizards, she didn’t handle them so well. She spent all of one night sitting bolt upright in the bed, wide awake, because a 3″ long gecko was climbing on the far wall of the cabin. I think she thought he would unlock the door for his larger mates to come in.

  2. Yup I can sign under the “humidity in Dubai” statement. Awful here at the moment.

    And she is definitely not the only Russian who hates snow and is allergic to cold :^)

    Lovely photos!

  3. I am going to ask if I can nick a couple of your photos. Well namely the skyling one and the Raffles hotel one.
    Having been away from home for a while I actually am not quite sure what that building right in front of the river is!
    Though I can still recognize WestinStamford, or I suppose it’s called Swisshotel or something. We always called it by its old name. 😛

  4. She’s way too young for Vuitton! That’s for thrice divorced quadruple cosmetic surgery-matrons from Long Island!
    She needs to come for shopping to NY; we have no-tax shopping in NY(up to $110 individual purchase) now!

    [am I remembering wrong, or didn’t she became more…erm..body-rounded? Good life? Nice husband? All of the above?]

    But not now. It’s 93F and stifling here!

  5. Monitor lizards or komodo dragons as they like to be called are common in these region. Fascinating how fast they can run when chased.

    Some nice pictures you have there. For a moment it looked like a spaceship was hovering in the skyline ala independence day in the second picture. Then I recalled its the “modern-looking” singapore civil court. You seemed to missed out on the obligatory merlion shot, there’s one at esplanade and the larger one at sentosa island.

    singapore is a fine city, that much I must admit. Other than the heat, weather’s better than london for sure.

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