Brad Splitt and Angelina Lonely

So Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are going to split up.  Frankly, I’m amazed they’ve lasted this long together.  I always thought she was a complete weirdo, wearing vials of blood around her neck and getting weird tattoos, collecting a flock of multi-coloured foreign children, and having been through two husbands already.  Sure, she was cute enough when she was in her late teens but she quickly became, in my opinion, one of those actresses who they shove onto the screen in the knowledge that everyone will marvel at how beautiful she is rather than notice she can’t act for shit.  Which is great, only if you think – as I do – that she looks more weird than pretty then you’re left wondering how she ever got through an audition.

She’s recently turned her hand to directing, something which I am sure causes Hollywood’s established directors to snigger at behind closed doors.  I couldn’t manage to get through more than the first half hour of Unbroken, saccharine-laced guff that it was, and By the Sea sounds like just the sort of self-indulgent shite you’d expect from her: it currently enjoys an IMDB rating of 5.3.

My opinion at the time was that Brad Pitt fucked up royally when he left Jennifer Aniston, who I’ve always thought was adorable.  I’m not sure if Aniston would have made a great wife, but she is one hell of a lot less weird than Jolie and appears to be ageing a lot better too.  She must be having a chuckle to herself now.


11 thoughts on “Brad Splitt and Angelina Lonely

  1. Her looks might not have been enough, on their own, to overcome her complete lack of acting talent. The fact that her father is Jon Voight probably mattered a lot too.

  2. From what I can see the women are going to go with Angelina. And the blackening of Brad has already started: Bad father, drugs and sex with a female co-star :-),….

    I have the feeling he is going to get a real mauling.

    These situations always make me think that if he is wandering away from a perfect woman, just maybe she ain’t perfect?

  3. These situations always make me think that if he is wandering away from a perfect woman, just maybe she ain’t perfect?

    What he ought to have done is go for a beer with Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton and gotten the low-down before he got married. I think if I were ever to get seriously involved with a woman who’d gotten divorced twice, I’d drop the ex-husbands a line to get their side of the story, particularly if the woman’s version sounded iffy.

    I know at least one instance of a woman complaining bitterly that her life’s misery and failed marriage was solely the fault of her ex-husband, only to hear later from him that – wouldya believe it? – there were two sides to the story and she was no angel herself. I believed him simply because he admitted being partly to blame, whereas she insisted she was completely blameless.

  4. Tim

    All women are blameless, always.

    It’s the new normal. As far as I can see the new woman (at least the ones that bother getting married) set all the marriage goals unilaterally and expect total acquiesence from the male. Male concerns and desires are sexist or mysoginistic and should not be allowed to contaminate the situation. Said simply, men, give up your hopes, desires and wants and do what I want.

    Am I exaggerating?

  5. Am I exaggerating?

    I think the problem is we hear about the fuckups and overlook the successes.

    I don’t know any single men any more, not one. All the guys I know are married, and have been for years. Mostly they are married to women who figured out in their 20s that they wanted a decent husband and for that they needed to learn to compromise, adhere to some standards, adopt some values, and demonstrate they are not fucking mental (in fact, I am in the process of writing a book partly based on how badly some women misjudge what men are looking for in a partner, which leaves them single until it’s too late). As a result, they have marriages which are tough – as they all are – but both the woman and man are willing to make the necessary compromises and communicate properly to make them work. These are to me normal marriages, and you don’t hear about these in the media and the feminists certainly won’t talk about them.

    Then on the other side you’ve got a minority of women* who for whatever reason haven’t gotten married because they are unwilling or unable to make the necessary compromises or adjust their behaviour to attract a partner; a subset of these have personality issues which are bordering on mental illness. Occasionally one of these will find a partner – usually some unsuspecting beta or omega male – and beat him into submission, and enter into a disastrous marriage which inevitably ends in divorce. This lot are the most vocal and appear to dominate the subject in the media.

    *(Of course, you also have men who are fuckups and there are perfectly decent women marrying total asshole men, this happens too. But I generally don’t encounter such men, as I said, all my friends are happily married.)

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