More Jihad Fatigue

Another day, another Islamist atrocity in France.  Cue the usual hashtags, cutesy cartoons, “nothing to do with Islam” speeches from heads of state, and the lighting displays on prominent monuments worldwide showing the Tricolor.

It occurred to me this morning that our glorious leaders will never tackle this problem unless and until they themselves are targeted by the jihadists.  While it is Joe Public getting butchered, they are happy to sit behind their armed guards and security apparatus and not give a shit.


13 thoughts on “More Jihad Fatigue

  1. At the same time tell us Islam is a religion of peace. Have they ever read the Koran studied the life of Mohammed or read the many Muslim interpretations of Islam by Muslim clerics and scholars. If they had they would see conflict, cultism, medieval thinking, superstition, submission or punishment writ large in them and they would not talk so daft. Not much different to Christianity prior to the enlightenment really and was not a religion of peace until very recent times either.

  2. I particularly admire the sort of Americans protected by a small army of armed men – O, for example – who preach against everyman having a gun.

  3. What the French need to better protect them is more martial law, more known perpetrators and increased truck control.

  4. It would seem that French moslem nuts are more efficient than German moslem nuts.

    So much for the vaunted German efficiency.

  5. @dearieme,

    The German nuts have been making up for lost ground in recent days.

    And my worry now is – with ISIS having just been massively upstaged by a non-sunni nut (and quite possibly being motivated more by the nut factor than the religious factor) in Munich, will have to pull off a few stunts of their own to save face.

  6. Was he non-Sunni? I conjectured on an American blog that he was Shia and was told that he was an Iranian Kurd, and therefore probably not. Then somewhere else I saw a claim that he was a “Syrian Turk”. I give up.

  7. Aaand…order is restored once more:

    A priest has been killed in an attack by two armed men on his church in a suburb of Rouen in northern France.

    The Amaq news agency, linked to so-called Islamic State, said “two IS soldiers” had carried out the attack.

    Wouldn’t seem like France without a jihadist attack every week, would it?

  8. Has there been much fuss about this, Tim?

    Not a peep. That’s all we need, BLM over here in France…

  9. I am sure the French took heart at the vast number of pommy tourists, being held up and not let in and instead being stuck in the traffic in Mud Island. They do need strong borders after all.

  10. I am sure the French took heart at the vast number of pommy tourists, being held up and not let in and instead being stuck in the traffic in Mud Island.

    I’ll be fighting my way through all that on Sunday afternoon. I think I’ll bring a sleeping bag…

  11. Assuming that you have your motor there, wouldn’t you be better off just rail freighting it to the French destination and flying back?

    No mater how many bottles of water were handed out by high vis workers I honestly dont think I could handle sitting in that traffic like that and would most likely initiate some terrorist type action.

    I take it that the French are pulling some kind of push back for Brexit and dressing it up as increased security. Or are they just being their usual incompetent self, particularly during the holiday season. I got a Belgian client in Mozambique that told me last week that we need to get a mobilization invoice in sooner (good) because head office in Belgium will be shutting down for the holidays (archaic). Is it any wonder that the Euro program is bordering on collapse.

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