A Weekend at Okhotskoe

Last weekend my wife and I went with four other couples to spend the weekend in Okhotskoe, where there is a little place which rents a couple of chalets and has barbecue facilities along with a banya

The chalets were beside a frozen lake covered in snow, and beyond the lake were some woods, which we all went into to admire the beautiful scenery, savour the peace and tranquility, and be at one with mother nature…

…on snowmobiles!!

Snowmobile, Okhotskoe

These things are damned good fun!  We were able to rent them there for $50 an hour, big two seater things capable of 50mph which we drove through the forest in convoy for two and a half hours.  But the one I’m sitting on above belongs to a mate of mine, and is a much smaller, lighter, sports model capable of 100mph.  Beyond the lake beside which we were staying was a much larger lake, probably three or four miles across, and frozen perfectly flat: perfect for thrashing a snowmobile.  I managed to get it up to 70mph before my face started to freeze (it was seriously cold out there), whereas the machine’s owner, who had a fully enclosed helmet (as opposed to my woolly hat) got it up to 90mph.

They are bloody noisy things, two-stroke, high-pitched engines puffing out exhaust fumes everywhere, depleting the planet’s precious resources – all the things which would enrage the holier-than-thou environmental campaigners, which of course made riding them about all the more fun.

The view from the chalet was rather nice too.

Sunset, Okhotskoe


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  1. 90mph on a snowmobile. Sounds like fun if you have the right equipment. I never rode a snowmobile. I kind of like the wilderness to be quiet. What you need to try next is to go Bear hunting with a slingshot.

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