5 thoughts on “Siberian Light Interview

  1. Well Spy my old friend. I’ve finally managed to get my internet working and have spent some time catching up on your adventures. Just wanted to commend you on the excellent photography. The place looks amazing and exactly what one would expect in Siberia!

    Keep well and warm.


  2. Well said, all of it. One correction, though (my own of course; oyu might disagree) – about Putin jailing his political rivals. I’d say – jailing “new money”. Nipping in the bud capitalism shoots. Trying to return, under various guises, to authoritative state-controlled economy. See your own example with upcoming nationalization of the oil industry.
    I’ll give you a link, Tim, if you don’t mind.

  3. Tatyana,

    Incoming links are always welcome, unless from the webpage of the Sakhalin Prosecutor General under the title “Evidence for the Case of Immediate Deportation”.

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