Driver Jailed for Bestiality

A man has been sentenced to three months in jail after pleading guilty to charges of bestiality.

reports today’s Gulf News.

The camel involved in the case is to be put down in accordance with Islamic law.

A court official said the Bangladeshi, who worked as a driver, had been spotted going into his employer’s barn on a regular basis.

His employer became suspicious as his duties did not involve him dealing with animals.

The official said the employer, a UAE national, followed his driver into the barn one day and saw him starting to have sex with a female camel.

The owner lost his temper and started beating him. He then took him to the police station to press charges.

The official said the driver confessed to police that he used to have sex with one particular camel.

The police arrested him and the case was referred to the Public Prosecution.

The official added the man told the prosecution that he had fallen in love with the camel and had sex with the animal.

The emirate’s Criminal Court sentenced him on Wednesday to three months in jail, to be followed by deportation.

It also stated that the camel be put down as its meat would now be tainted.

I’d say it’s not only the camel’s meat that’s tainted.


5 thoughts on “Driver Jailed for Bestiality

  1. Oh poor she-camel, why did she had to die?
    And what if it was love? And what if she loved him too?

    Men are beasts…

  2. Actually it was suggested recently I’m not getting any, hence stem my views on women liberty and such.
    Whom to believe?

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