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Sodomy: Man Rapes Friend, Then Begs Him With Bread

The police at Takwa Bay Division, Lekki, Eti Osa Lagos, Southwest Nigeria, have arrested a man known as Denis Oteri, 19, and arraigned him before the Igbosere magistrate’s court on a one count charge of sexually assaulting God’s Love Stephen by having carnal knowledge of him through the anus.

The police stated in suit No. M/5/2012 that the accused was arrested following complaints lodged by Stephen that Denis Oteri lured him into the bush and forcefully had sex with him through the anus.

Narrating his ordeal to the police, Stephen stated: “I met Denis, my senior whom respect very well at the NNPC gate at Takwa Bay and he begged me to help him take a keg of petrol to his house and I obeyed him because I know him.

“As we were going, he told me to follow him inside the bush to check something. Not suspecting anything, I followed him, but I was surprised when he suddenly stopped and barked at me to remove all my clothes or else he would kill me inside the bush.

“Before I could ask what the problem was, he wrestled me to the ground, forcefully removed my clothes, held me down and had sex with me through the anus and release sperm inside my body.

“He thereafter begged me not to tell anybody and gave me a loaf of bread in return which I threw away.

“I decided to report the matter to the police because it is an abomination for a man like me to penetrate into me through the anus and release sperm inside my body and my anus has been aching me after the ungodly incident.”

During interrogation, the accused allegedly confessed to the crime of forcefully having sex with Stephen through the anus inside the bush.

When asked what he derived from having sex with a man like himself, he allegedly told the police that he was deceived by the devil to do it and that he prays to God for forgiveness.

He was charged to court for sexual assault.

Man accused of witchcraft hacked to death by relatives

The killing of a 45-year-old Akwa Ibom man, Mr. Mfon Edung, by people believed to be his relatives over allegation of witchcraft is generating concerns among the family of the slain man.

It was learnt that the father of three, who hailed from Mbokpu Eyoima in Urue Offong/Oruko Local Government Area of the state, was killed on his way to collect his church’s pulpit from Mr. Ini Edung on Friday.

An eyewitness, who preferred anonymity, said the deceased was riding on a motorcycle when he saw some men at Oyoku Ubighi, drinking and eating dog meat at a joint.

The eyewitness explained that the men jumped inside a vehicle immediately they sighted him and chased the deceased.

He said, “We saw Mfon riding on a motorcycle and almost all the men that were drinking left immediately to close him. They followed him and when they got to a desolate area, hit him with their vehicle.

“As he tried to get up and run, people around the area, who thought it was an accident, rushed to the scene to rescue him.

“But no fewer than five persons got out of the vehicle, with axes and cutlasses and hacked the deceased. They shot into the air sporadically to scare the crowd, and took the body away to an unknown destination.”

Also, a bicycle rider, who also craved anonymity, corroborated the eyewitness’ account.

He added that as he was running to the scene to rescue the deceased, he saw some men coming out of a white Volvo car with no number plate.

He said, “When I saw them, I was afraid and quickly retreated. In the process of killing Mfon, I heard one of them say, ‘You use your witchcraft power to kill my mother. I warned you if the woman died, you too would die. And let us see if your witchcraft will be able to save you.’

“I held my breath. When they finished cutting the deceased up, they took the body away, and nobody could trace them anymore.”

The wife of the deceased, Ikwo, said her husband was going to ask Etim how far he had gone with the aluminium pulpit he was making for the church.

She said from what she learnt, when her husband was returning home around 5pm at Mbokpu Oyoima, a vehicle was trailing him but he didn’t notice it.

She said she learnt her husband was killed at a desolate area, opposite a church at Oyoku Ibighi, in Urue Offong/Oruko LGA.

She said her husband had abandoned home to live with friends following repeated threat messages by his relations.

She said, “All along they had been sending threat messages to the extent that a Deacon in a church, summoned my husband and advised him to avoid some of his relations because of the threats.

“My husband had on two occasions been mercilessly beaten by his own people and some cult men in the village. When I reported the matter to the police who came to my husband’s rescue, his relations blamed me and fined me one she-goat and 10 bottles of locally-made gin for insulting them by calling the police.

“They blamed my husband for the sickness of her sister and said if the woman should die, my husband would also be killed. And so, they carried out their threat.”

Ikwo said when she reported the matter to the police in the area, they asked what she expected them to do after the man had been killed.

Reps flay foreign airlines’ treatment of Nigerians

The House of Representatives on Wednesday criticised the operations of foreign airlines in Nigeria, particularly their high fares and alleged maltreatment of Nigerian passengers.

A motion sponsored by Mr. Emmanuel Ekon and 31 others also frowned on the practice of spraying insecticides on Nigerian passengers before take-off.

The House also observed that the crew members of all the foreign airlines were non-Nigerians, despite the huge business benefit they enjoyed in Nigeria.

The House passed a resolution asking the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria and other regulatory agencies to ensure a reduction in fares and to “compel international airline operators to improve on their services and adhere to the Nigerian Local Content Law.”

The House noted that ticket for flying from Nigeria to Europe, America and other parts of the world “are the highest when compared with other countries where these airlines operate.”

The House also observed that from available records, “each airline carries a minimum of 300 passengers daily into and out of the country, making Nigeria one of the most lucrative routes in the world.”

Moving the motion, Ekon told the House that in spite of the business advantage of operating in Nigeria, Nigerians paid 23 per cent more on all classes of tickets than travellers in other parts of the world.

To buttress his position, Ekon said while a first class return ticket on the Lagos-Dubai route cost $4,695.5 on Emirates Airline, the airline charged $3,512 on the Dubai-Johannesburg route, which had the same mileage as Nigeria.

Similarly, he stated that Delta Airlines charged $5,874 on a Business Class for Lagos-Atlanta route, but charged $3,689.9 on the Atlanta-Bombay route.

He added, “First Class passengers on Air France pay $8,984 for Lagos-Paris route with 2,919 miles, while the same ticket for Paris-Bombay route with 4,349 miles costs $8,739.

“Even in Ghana, South Africa and other African countries where these airlines operate, the air fares are far lower than in Nigeria.”

The lawmaker expressed concern that aside not having Nigerian crew members on board, most of the airlines did not serve Nigerian dishes on board.

“But, more disturbing is the insulting and dehumanising practice of spraying insecticides on Nigerians.

“This has health implications; this is one of the issues that our regulatory agencies must address,” he said.

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